What to Do if AOL Not Working With Outlook 2021

AOL and Outlook can be used hand in hand if you know how to import AOL emails into MS Outlook. It can be done by setting up an AOL email id in the Outlook application using IMAP or POP3. However, Outlook sometimes gives AOL not working with Outlook 2021 issues that trouble the users. Therefore, users are always in search of ways to resolve the AOL not working problems through different methods.

The Outlook email client is managed and administered by Microsoft and has proved to be a huge success. Numerous users around the globe are using the salient features offered by it, including calendars, contacts, journals, notes, tasks, etc. It is also a safe and secure email client that ensures the smooth transmission of email. On the other hand, the AOL email client is owned by Verizon and is mostly used in the US.

AOL is falling behind MS Outlook in some aspects that force users to migrate to Outlook, giving rise to AOL not working with Outlook 2021 errors. Further in this blog, you will find all the possible methods that can solve the AOL not working on Outlook problem. But before that, let us take a look at the possible factors due to which AOL mail problems arise.

Factors that Give Rise to AOL Not Working Issue

The below-mentioned are the factors that cause the AOL not working issue.

  • If the AOL server is down, it leads to various issues, including the AOL not working.
  • It happens sometimes that you enter an incorrect password without you knowing it.
  • Internet connectivity can also be a reason for AOL not working with Outlook 2021, as you would not be able to receive emails.
  • The browsers also can create a problem in the working of AOL in Outlook due to various plug-ins.
  • Virus and malware intrusions make some data files corrupt which are needed for the smooth functioning of the email clients.
  • If the user does not add the incoming server details properly in Outlook, you can face this issue. The server settings need to be correct to access the server.
  • AOL needs to sync with Outlook to run successfully. However, if the connection is not established, the Exchange server cannot synchronize with the email client which creates a problem.

All the above factors are the main culprits for causing AOL not to work with Outlook 2021 problem. You can fix it by going through the methods mentioned below.

Methods to Resolve AOL not Working on Outlook

Necessary Actions

There are some basic actions and tasks that need to be performed for the proper working of AOL in Outlook. If these are not done, AOL not working with Outlook 2021 can pop up. Hence, follow the below instructions carefully.

  1. Firstly, restart your computer before you open your AOL account or Outlook account.
  2. If you face any issues, try to use some other browser to open the email client.
  3. Clean and delete all the cache and cookies of Outlook and from your AOL mail.
  4. Turn off the pop-up blocking tools if enabled.
  5. You also need to make sure that your antivirus is not causing this issue. If it is, turn it off till you use the email client.

In most cases, the above actions resolve the issue, and users are not required to take any further methods. However, if you are not able to fix the issue, go for further methods.

Forget Password

As you know, incorrect passwords can be a reason for AOL not working with Outlook 2021 issue. You can always change your password to fix it and secure your account.

  1. First, try to log in to your AOL account using the password that you remember. If you cannot log in, then you can click on the Forgot Password option and create a new password. You will be asked to verify yourself through different options.
  2. Verify using the recovery phone number.
  3. Confirm recovery email address.
  4. Verify by answering the security question.

As you verify your account and create a new password, you will be able to access it.

Image Captchas

Image verification captchas are generally made as a security barrier for hackers. These cannot be read by a device and hence makes the sending and receiving of emails secure.

AOL email client is a rare email client that uses image captchas before sending emails for security purposes. However, these verifications can somehow lead to issues in sending emails. Users are suggested to verify all the image captchas carefully to ensure smooth transmission of AOL emails. Since any captcha is left unverified, it will not allow the user to send the email.

All the above methods mentioned are manual approaches to solve the issue of AOL not working with Outlook 2021. You can perform these methods to fix this problem. Perhaps, these have some drawbacks that limit their usage. They are very time taking and do not always work. Moreover, they are not apt for novice users as they require prior technical knowledge for their execution.

Expert Method AOL Backup tool

Therefore, if you wish to overcome all these limitations, you can opt for an expert solution, i.e., Sysinfo AOL Mail Backup Tool. It is an efficient tool to save and backup all your AOL emails in several file formats like PST, DOCX, PDF, MBOX, EML, JSON, etc. Additionally, you can also migrate all your AOL emails to multiple email clients like Outlook, Thunderbird, Zoho Mail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc., along with all its attachments.


Here, we have discussed the AOL not working with Outlook 2021 issue. Users should take a look at the reasons mentioned to make sure they prevent them. Hence, you can take the help of manual solutions to resolve this issue. If you are facing any difficulty with these methods, you can directly go for the third-party professional AOL Backup Tool method. It can resolve your issue easily by migrating AOL mail data to Outlook without any hassle.

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