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In today’s world, data is one of the most valuable assets, especially for big organizations and companies. How would you feel when you lose such a valuable asset due to any reason? Data loss is just unaffordable for any computer user, be it a home user or a working professional. In this article, we’ll discuss how to get data back for Mac with Free trial Download available at the bottom. Also, we’ll learn how to recover lost data from Mac hard disk by using a Mac Data Recovery tool.

Most of the time, we ain’t aware of the real risks and how to prevent them.

Data Loss – A Nightmare

Over the past decade, we’ve become increasingly reliant on computers to manage everything from photos and music to our crucial business documents. And the prospect of losing the crucial data is extremely distressing. Ain’t it? A computer system can store your documents and programs in the best way possible. But many of you don’t even know how fragile the computer data is. Even a minor issue can just wipe out the entire data which include invaluable documents. And within a couple of minutes, you’ll lose every single document with a very little chance of recovery.

Do you know that most of the reasons for data loss are connected to our everyday lives? Generally, data loss depends on the way you save, store, and manage our data. Any sort of mistake made by you can cause a fatal data loss. And whenever a data loss event takes place, it’ll surely bring you to tears. Computer users often face data lose data simply because they don’t have proper workflow procedures and backup strategies.

Mac Data Recovery Software

There are many vendors in the online marketplace which provide data recovery software for Mac systems. So if you’re looking for the best Mac Data Recovery software, you’ve got a lot of confusing choices. Make sure you choose the best Mac Data Recovery software in order to get data back for Mac with free trial download software availability. But it ain’t easy to choose the best one when there are many options. However, Mac Data Recovery from SysInfoTools Software is considered one of the best data recovery solutions for Mac users. So whenever it comes to recovering lost, damaged, as well as deleted files from HFS & HFS+ drives of a Mac system, this Mac Data Recovery tool should be your first choice.

Just have a look at the key features of this data recovery software:

  • Successfully recover almost all types of data from the Mac systems;
  • Support both GPT (GUID partition table) and MBR (master boot record) partition tables;
  • Two modes for an intensive scanning: Standard and Advance
  • Data recovery in three different modes: Standard, Advanced, and Deep;
  • Add new custom volume for maximum recovery of deleted Mac files;
  • Smart RAW recovery mode with “adding new signatures” feature;
  • Tree-structure preview of the recoverable data prior to saving;

The Mac Data Recovery software contains an easy and intuitive user interface that requires no prior technical expertise. Any technical or non-technical user can use this software with ease.


SysInfoTools Software provides the demo version of Mac Data Recovery for the free evaluation. By using the demo version, you can scan the complete hard disk drive and check the preview of the recoverable data prior to saving. But the saving feature is disabled in the demo version. To save the recoverable data, you must purchase the licensed version of this Mac Data Recovery software.

Important note: Keep in mind that it’s a Windows system utility. You can run this software only on a Windows system. To recover your data from the Mac system on a Windows PC, follow these simple steps:

  • First, connect the hard disk drive on a Windows PC. Although the PC can’t read the hard disk, you can see the hard disk has been successfully connected to the PC.
  • Now run the Mac Data Recovery software on the same computer. And select the hard disk connected to the PC. And then, you can perform the data recovery with ease. Take help of this video tutorial for Mac data recovery.

Let’s find out the most common reasons for data loss:

Accidental Deletion

One of the topmost reasons for data loss is accidental deletion. Updating or deleting a file is very common, and it’s done almost every day. Sometimes it may happen that you accidentally delete a file on a Mac system without having a backup so it is difficult to get deleted data back for mac. And before you can actually realize it, you empty the trash. Now there’s no way left to restore the file back.

Virus Attack

Computer files ain’t immune to virus attacks. There are different types of viruses which may attack your computer almost every day. A computer virus is highly capable to damage any computer file and the operational software. Even it can infect the storage media where the files are stored. Virus infection is considered one of the main reasons for data loss.

Storage Media Failure

A hard disk drive is the main storage device in a computer system. Being the most fragile part of the computer, it breaks down more often than any other device. Generally, a hard disk failure is of two types: logical failure and physical failure. At the time of logical failure, a hard disk drive is failed to be accessed due to non-mechanical issues. For example, if the data is accidentally overwritten or affected by the virus infection, the hard disk drive fails logically and needs to be repaired in time. At the time of physical failure, the computer system fails to boot. Also, at the same time, you hear a grinding, clicking, or whirring sound. Any type of storage media failure leads to data loss.

Sudden Power Outage

If you’re doing some work on a computer and suddenly it turns off due to a power outage, it may cause serious problems. A sudden power failure not only affects your computer data but also damages the hard disk drive. Due to a sudden power outage, the read/write heads of the hard disk may crash down, the motor may get seized, or the platters may become damaged.

In all these situations, you’re likely to face a fatal data loss. You’re lucky if you’ve taken a backup earlier.  If the backup is valid and updated, you can recover 100% of data without using any paid data recovery software.


In this article, we’ve discussed the most common reasons for data loss. Also, we’ve learned how to recover lost data from the Mac hard disk. If there’s no backup available, you should use a Mac Data Recovery tool to recover your data from the corrupt/damaged as well as formatted hard disk. Download the demo version for free evaluation.

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