Top 5 Best SQLite Recovery Software in 2023

Various organizations use SQLite to handle their data. As a result, it is a zero-configuration, serverless, and self-contained database management system written in C language. But the loophole of having SQLite is that it is prone to corruption. Moreover, it isn’t a simple task to repair SQLite database files. As a result, multiple users opt for the best SQLite Recovery Software. This blog will discuss the top 5 best SQLite database recovery software. When you go through each utility, you will create a better understanding in your mind. So stay tuned and choose the best SQLite Database Recovery software to repair SQLite database files.

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Top 5 Best SQLite Repair Tools

You can check out the various software companies making the best SQLite Repair Software. These tools have a simple interface and they recover the maximum possible data from corrupt or damaged SQLite Files.


Sysinfo SQLite Database Recovery Software allows you to fix corrupt SQLite database files quickly and error-free. The software easily supports both database files created on SQLite2 and SQLite3. Moreover, the software provides a simple structure of the recovered data in tabular form, which help users to restore them in SQLites or MDB files.


  • This tool repairs all the database elements like tables, indexes, triggers, and views from the corrupt SQLite database.
  • The utility comes up with a tree-structure data preview feature for the damaged SQLite database elements.
  • This software allows you to save the recovered data in two modes save in SQLite or download in MDB files.
  • Fully compatible to run on all Windows versions, including Windows 11.
  • The utility supports SQLite data formats UTF-8 (ANSI) and UTF-16 (Unicode).


  • The free version of the tool doesn’t allow you to save the recovered data in SQLite or MDB formats.
  • You can’t explore all the advanced features in a trial version of the tool.

Sysinfo SQLite Database Recovery Software is one of the best SQLite repair utilities available in the market.


SQLite Data Recovery Tool is the most comprehensive and efficient solution. This wizard allows users to repair entire Sqlite files and restore them in a new SQLite database or the MDB file. The tool has no file size limitations to recover SQLite database files.


  • The tool enables users to for column mapping to save the recovered data in MDB format.
  • Smoothly compatible with all the newer and older versions of Windows.
  • The utility offers an interactive and user-friendly GUI that helps novice users to finish the recovery task effortlessly.
  • This tool allows users to save the database files into SQLite, MS Access, and other versions of SQLite.
  • Option to recover database objects such as Indexes, Tables, Views, and Triggers.


  • Users can’t save the repaired data in any of the database files in a demo version of the tool.
  • Users need to purchase the licensed version of the utility to take all the benefits of the SQLite Data Recovery Tool.

It is the most common and best SQLite Recovery Software.


Aryson SQLite Database Recovery is a top-notch utility to repair and recover database files from SQLite DB, DB3, and SQLite3. The software is fully compatible to support database files created by SQLite2 and SQLite3.


  • This program provides a preview after recovering all the corrupted SQLite database files.
  • It permits users to view all the objects, like indexes, tables, views, triggers, and many more, from the corrupted SQLite/ DB files.
  • The utility automatically saves the recovered database files from the SQLite database in MDB & SQLite format.
  • Provide the column mapping feature to save the recovered data in the MDB database.
  • This wizard supports SQLite database formats like UTF-8 (ANSI) and UTF-16 (Unicode).


  • Users can only preview the recovered database files from SQLite in the free version of the software.
  • No one can convert the recovered data file into .sqlite or .mdb format.

It is one of the best SQLite Recovery Software, with the various features mentioned above.


SQLite Database Recovery tool is one of the best solutions to fix corrupt SQLite database files. This wizard supports the database files created by SQLite2 and SQLite3. Moreover, users don’t require additional expertise to run the software as it offers a simple GUI.


  • The tool can recover the whole SQLite database objects such as Tables, Indexes, Views, and Triggers.
  • This software provides a Preview feature to view recovered database objects after scanning.
  • It provides both saving formats SQLite and MDB, to back up the retrieved database files from SQLite.
  • Highly compatible with all Windows latest and previous versions, including Windows 11.
  • There is an inclusive feature in the software to Auto-Detect the file information of the corrupted database file.


  • There are many restrictions to using the trial version of the tool. You can only preview the recovered database files from the SQLite database.
  • You need to upgrade to the full version of the tool to use all the features.

Cigati SQLite Database Recovery tool helps to repair entire SQLite database files.


DRS SQLite Database Recovery Tool is a core solution to repair all the database files created by SQLite2 and SQLite3. In addition, this program comes up with a number of features, as mentioned below:


  • The tool is applicable to support both database formats, including UTF-8 (ANSI) & UTF-16 (UNICODE).
  • This software quickly repairs SQLite database files .db, SQLite, and SQLite3.
  • You can straightforwardly recover data from SQLite2 and SQLite3 database files.
  • An important Column Mapping feature that helps users while saving the recovered SQLite data file to MDB format.
  • The tool can effortlessly run on Windows 11 and its earlier versions.


  • In a demo version, you can only preview the repaired SQLite database.
  • You have to upgrade to the premium version of the tool to explore all the features included in the utility.

Final Words

Now, the time has come to summarize the entire blog. We have mentioned the best SQLite Recovery Software. Each utility has come up with different features. You can choose any of the programs but choose wisely. Furthermore, you can check out another blog to get the best OLM recovery software.

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