Easy way to Convert Excel to Vcard with Two Methods

MS Excel is a spreadsheet that can store data in multiple forms. The data can either be manipulated or can be stored as a record for future references. We can perform numerous calculations, feed directories, can compare one spreadsheet to another, create graphs, and charts, etc. Similarly, Vcard is a virtual contact file that is a standard format for electronic business cards. These cards can be shared via emails and can be sent to another recipient by attaching it to the mailbox. When a certain device cannot access Excel contacts then Excel to Vcard converter comes to action.

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Reasons to use Vcard

  • Vcard stores contact into business card form.
  • It is used to import and export contacts from one platform to another.
  • Here we can exchange contact details to various recipients.
  • It can be easily accessed via notepad.
  • Many applications and platforms support VCF File format.

Manual Methods to convert MS Excel contacts to VCF file:

MS Excel file conversion to VCF file can be tricky and time-consuming but one can perform the following method for smaller file conversion.

  • Open the Excel spreadsheet you want to convert into VCF.
  • Open ‘file’ and arrange them accordingly.
  • Then go to the ‘file’ menu and save as.CSV format file to the desired location.
  • Click the save button and close the window. 
  • The file is now converted to.CSV format.
  • Click on the Export option in the contacts menu.
  • Select Vcard to convert into.VCF files
  • Select the designated location where you want yours.VCF files to be. 
  •  Your file will finally be converted from Excel to Vcard format.

Drawbacks of MS Excel to VCF manual conversion:

  • You can export up to 10 contacts from a particular Excel file to a certain.VCF file.
  • Contacts can either get transferred to a particular.VCF file or to a singular file only.

Professional tool to Convert Excel Contacts to Vcard 

If the above manual procedure does not work properly then you must opt for the automated solution. One such tool is Excel to Vcard Converter. It is highly recommended for converting Excel to Vcard files as it allows you to choose the Vcard format of your choice like Mapping Columns, Previews, Multiple versions of Vcard, Unique exporting, Compatibility with multiple versions of Excel, Proficient scanning, etc. Also, gives you the advantage to withhold the product even before purchase by availing the free trial version. Additionally, it comes with 24*7 tech support. 

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To use Excel spreadsheets into electronic devices You need to have appropriate applications or software to view the data. As the Excel version is highly expensive and difficult to access in mobile phones, Vcard captured the attention of users. It proved helpful for the users and solved their problem in terms of money, transferring contact details and many others. It is recommended for users to use Excel to Vcard converter to have a stabilized view of the individual details instead of viewing multiple spreadsheets at once, to collect information.

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