Converting VCF to CSV: A Quick and Easy Tutorial

In the past, maintaining and managing contacts was truly an art, but it is now necessary. If you manage your contacts well, you are a well-known personality with a wider and louder reach. Because you are unsure of who, where, when, or for what reason you need to contact anyone. So it makes sense to keep them in their exact format. So, in this technical guide, we will explore the methods for converting VCF to CSV via an automated VCF to CSV converter. Let’s start.


Why Change VCF to CSV

We know VCF is the contact-saving format. But sometimes, these files become corrupt and inaccessible. However, if you change VCF to CSV format, then you have several advantages like.

  • In CSV format, it is easy to view contact details.
  • You can create multiple copies of the CSV file and keep it for future reference.
  • It is easy to manage contacts in a CSV file.

These are a few advantages of CSV over VCF. Therefore many users want to convert VCF to CSV Excel. So, in the successive section, we will detail the methods for this conversion.

Traditional Ways for Converting VCF to CSV

Before using this method, you must have an Outlook application and proceed with the stages.

Stage 1: Import the VCF file to Outlook.

Stage 2: Migrate the Imported VCF file to CSV.

Let’s go into more detail about how to convert the vCard files to Excel.

Stage 1: Import the VCF file to Outlook.

  • Start the Outlook application and go to the File tab.
  • Go to Open & Export > Import/Export.
  • Choose the Import a VCARD file (.vcf) option in the Import and Export Wizard.
    Converting VCF to CSV
  • Browse to the location where your VCF file is.
  • It will start reflecting in your Outlook account under the People section.

Once your contacts are imported into Outlook, Export the VCF file to Excel by moving on to the next step.

Stage 2: Migrate the Imported VCF file to CSV.

  • Again, move to the File tab > Open & Export > Import/Export.
  • Select the Export to a File option.
    Converting VCF to CSV
  • Opt for Comma Separated Values.
    Converting VCF to CSV
  • Select the contact folder to export.
    Converting VCF to CSV
  • Browse to the location where you want to save your resultant CSV file.
  • At last, click the Finish button.
    Converting VCF to CSV

In this manner, you can convert VCF to CSV Excel with the Outlook application.

Though you can easily change Contacts’ VCF format to CSV. Before using this method, you must be completely aware of the Outlook application’s functionalities. Additionally, you must possess a high level of technical proficiency and be aware of all the negative consequences of any mistakes you may make during this process. We strongly advise you to choose this strategy only after you have acquired all the necessary skills. Otherwise, use the automated solution, which is not only quick and simple but also secure. Let’s get into the specifics of this cutting-edge utility.

Advanced Technique for Converting VCF to CSV

We have seen discrepancies with the aforementioned approach. Therefore, using an automated Sysinfo VCF to CSV converter is the wisest choice. In addition to transferring contacts from multiple vCard VCF files to an Excel CSV file, it also gives you the option to convert your VCF file to PST, iCloud CSV, Yahoo CSV, Google CSV, Outlook CSV, CSV, and PDF. With the help of this tool, you can easily migrate all of your contact information, including names, phone numbers, and personal or business email addresses. The best feature of this utility is that you can convert one or more vCard files to CSV without any specialized knowledge. Here is a breakdown of the procedure.

Steps to Convert Multiple VCF to CSV Online Free

  • Download the Sysinfo VCF to CSV Converter and run it as an administrator.
  • Add the VCF files to convert, then check out the details of the added files.
  • Select the desired file to convert from the added list if you added multiple files to convert.
  • Choose the saving format as CSV from the list of choices.
  • Manage the other features and click the Convert button.

And that’s how you quickly and accurately convert a vCard file to a CSV file without losing data hierarchy.


This technical blog provides you with a detailed analysis of converting VCF to CSV with both a manual and professional approach. Pick a technique that works for you and take advantage of the sophisticated features of this advanced and secure tool. You also have the choice to contact our customer service for assistance, which is accessible at all times. Moreover, you can check out another blog to resolve Microsoft Outlook folders not showing issues.

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