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  • Updated on February 24th, 2022

If you’re looking for a safe and secure way to store your computer files and system backup, a removable media device best fits your need. In spite of the fact that it has various benefits, however shockingly it’s not immune to corruption. Data corruption and other problems can cause inaccessibility which may result in permanent data loss. In such circumstance, a professional data recovery utility. If your removable media like memory card has become corrupted then here is a best data recovery software for memory card.

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What is Removable Storage Media?

Can you define removable media? Why is it used? Generally computer users are very acquainted with this term “Removable Media”. It’s commonly known as a storage device for storing a large amount of data and information of a computer system. It’s called removable media because we can remove it at any time from the system even if it’s running. What types of removable media devices have you seen or used so far? The most common and excessively used devices are USB drives, memory cards (Compact Flash card, Secure Digital card, Memory Stick), optical discs (Blu-ray discs, DVDs, CDs), and so on. All these storage devices are known as mass storage device which can be used to store computer files, personal documents, music, videos, photos, and many more. Computer users can also store their system files and backup in any such mass storage device.

Why is Removable Media popular among computer users?

Being a computer user, we all know how popular removable storage media devices are. Today every single computer user is using a removable media for storing files and information, and carrying them from one to another place with ease. Any removable media device has a special quality of being removed from the system at any time. It’s small in size and handy; hence it can be carried easily. You can keep it in any safe location, or you can also carry it inside your pocket without any hassle. Unlike expensive hard disk drives, a removable media device doesn’t cost you that much, but provides you a good storage space. Saving data in a removable media is also helpful in carrying information from one system or location to another.

How to extract files from corrupted SD Card

  1. Connect SD Card to another Device. May be your device is not supporting the memory card.
  2. Check for Memory Card Errors by implementing chkdsk command
  3. If the memory card is unreadable then assign a “new drive letter” to it
  4. Restore Deleted file via San Disk Inbuilt Techniques
  5. Drivers Re-installation

What problems are faced with removable media device?

Like every other single computer file or hardware component, a removable storage media is also prone to a number of severe problems. Users can face inaccessibility of data or data loss due to corruption and accidental deletion or format. There are numerous reasons which are sorted into two parts: Logical failure and physical failure.

The logical failure incorporates:

Removing media in a wrong way: Removing storage media wrongly from a computer system can cause extreme harm to it which includes inaccessibility of media, data corruption and sometimes even permanent data loss. Make sure the removable storage media is safely removed from the system.

Abruptly system shutdown: Logical failure in removable media can also be caused due to abruptly system shutdown which may result in data inaccessibility and corruption. If your system gets turned off due to power failure or any other reason while the removable media is inserted, this will harm both the internal storage media as well as the removable media. Always turn off your computer in a proper manner. Also, use UPS device to avoid abruptly system shutdown due to sudden power outage.

Virus or Bugs Attack: This is the most common reason which frequently occurs. Computer virus is a program that can infect your system as well as data. If you insert your removable media into a computer system infected by virus and bugs, this can also infect the media. Virus and bugs can enter to the removable media through the computer system, and cause corruption.

The physical failure incorporates physical damage or harm to the removable storage media, mishandling media device, exposure of storage media to any harsh environment such as: extreme heat or cold, moisture, water, fire, or direct sunlight, etc.

Data Recovery Software for Memory Card

Are you facing corruption in your memory card? Have you recently formatted it by accident? You must be looking forward to a solution that can help you fix memory card corruption and retrieve your data back in their original state. A professional data recovery software for memory card is programmed and it is the best solution you can look forward to. There are numerous software vendors in the market which provide such data recovery software. You can try few of them. Such software tools are programmed to recover maximum possible data from different types of removable media devices, such as: Compact Disk (CDs), Digital Versatile Disk (DVDs), Blue Ray Disk, External Hard Drives, USB Pen Drives, USB Flash Drives, SD Cards, SD Memory Cards, Memory Sticks, Solid State Drives (SSDs), etc.

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