What is the Difference Between EPUB and PDF?

Summary:- eBooks have gained popularity in the last few years, as they can store text, images, or both, readable on the flat-panel display of computers or other electronic devices. It allows users to save their data in EPUB and PDF format, but the difference is that both are different from each other. This technical blog will describe the main difference between EPUB and PDF and the reasons behind the better use of the files.

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Before we proceed with the reasons behind the EPUB VS PDF and which is better? Firstly, let us understand ePUB and PDF files and their relatable pros & cons.

What is an EPUB File?

EPUB file is a popular document format that comes with a .epub file extension and can store eBooks and other types of content like words, images, stylesheets, fonts, metadata details, etc. EPUB stands for Electronic publication, was named the official standard of the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) in September 2007.

It provides layout agnostic, which means that the size of the screen does not affect the content of the file. Mainly designed for e-books and contains advanced formatting options for the users. It is compatible with almost all e-book readers and based on HTML, which makes it highly adaptable.

Note:- Once you convert the document into an EPUB file, you can not edit or convert it back to some editable format without using an advanced third-party tool. So, to-do-so, you can opt for the highly recommendable SysInfo EPUB File Converter Tool. The software permits users to convert the EPUB files into other saving formats like PDF, DOC, DOCX, XPS, JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, etc.

Electronic Publication (EPUB) Pros and Cons

Advantage of EPUB files

  • Where PDF files tool developers, EPUB files pick up the way. As EPUB is created in XML and XHTML, you can work with mostly all the tools.
  • Multi-Platform Access:- You can easily access the EPUB files on different systems and OS.
  • The files for an e-book made in the EPUB format are reflowable and easy to read on small devices.
  • There is various tool worldwide that can convert your EPUB files.

Disadvantages of EPUB files

  • Using the EPUB files, you can view your data, but strict to create the archive for the EPUB files.
  • If you want to create a document, take some prior knowledge before that.
  • To work with this, you must have understood the syntax of XML and XHTML 1.1.
  • It is also required that you know how to create a style sheet.

What is PDF File?

A PDF stands for portable document format, and it is the standard file format that allows users to store data. It contains advanced features that permit users to save files that cannot be modified but still, you can share and print them. These days, almost everyone has PDF-compatible applications on their system that allows users to read a PDF file.

Plus, you can easily open PDF files on different devices. In advance, if you also want to edit the file, you can easily do the same because of its powerful graphical tools for editing.

Note:- Once you have saved content as a PDF file, you cannot convert it back to a Microsoft Office file format without specialized software or a third-party add-in. Thus, you can also use the SysInfo PDF File Converter Tool. The software allows users to convert multiple PDF files into other 20+ saving formats.

Portable Document (PDF) Pros and Cons

Advantages of PDF files

  1. PDF is the most commonly used electronic document worldwide.
  2. It is all about dependency, and PDF file is compatible with all the operating systems and hardware.
  3. It contains inbuilt options that express the file the same in all devices.
  4. PDF is customizations, gives you control over the layout and fonts.
  5. You can make the document look however you see fit.
  6. It can be generated, often using GUI-based tools.

Disadvantages of PDF Files

  1. The code required to generate PDF files is complex, and from the software developers’ point, it is harder to edit.
  2. The conversion of PDF files to a web-friendly format is difficult as well.
  3. It is not reflowable and doesn’t adaptable with various sized displays and devices.
  4. Sometimes, it’s hard to view some PDF files on small screens.

What is Difference Between EPUB and PDF?

EPUB(Electronic Publication) PDF(Portable Document Format)
EPUB is an open eBook standard and file format that is optimized for viewing on devices. PDFs are not re-flowable, so their text size cannot be adjusted for display on various devices.
Offers advanced formatting options. Powerful graphical tools for editing.
Works well with all the e-book readers. More applications can open and create PDF files.


Through this blog, we understand the difference between EPUB and PDF and their needful features that make them different from each other. Further, we learn about the SysInfo EPUB and PDF Converter; both are reliable solutions for the users and perform the conversion with 100% accuracy.

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