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Excel 2013 File is Corrupted and Cannot be Opened – Five Easy Tricks to Repair Excel Workbook

This is a bitter truth that although you create a backup of the excel files ironically they are not immune to corruption. They can get corrupted and become inaccessible. It can be due to the virus attacks or due to the forceful closure of the file. It is a drastic situation for the user when the Excel 2013 File is corrupted and cannot be opened.

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Excel Files are used for making monthly reports, creating charts, pivot tables, organizing data and even to present figures. Everyone knows the importance of excel files these days. It is commonly used by small and large organizations as it provides many salient features to them. Excel Files are also used for calculating the monthly expenses. There are ‘n’ numbers of formulas into it so we can apply them according to our needs.

We can see the importance of excel files that it provides us with many convenient specifications. But the problem arises when the Excel files become corrupted. Sometimes it happens that due to corruption the Excel 2013 files are unable to open. This can lead to the loss of some precious data which is present in that corrupted excel file. How to Repair Corrupted Excel Files?

This is a question for concern to the user who has actually lost his data in the excel file due to corruption. You will find many methods through which you can easily repair and recover corrupted excel files. But there is no surety whether these methods will work completely or not. Here in this article, I am going to tell you some easy solutions which you can apply by yourselves in order to recover the Corrupted Excel Workbook.

Easy Techniques when Excel 2013 File is Corrupted and Cannot be Opened

 Solution 1- Repair Through Excel Itself

  • Choose “Open and Repair” option.
  • Click on “Repair” for repairing the corrupted file
  • If it is unable to repair then extract the data from corrupted excel file by clicking on “Extract” option as shown in the figure.

 This is how you can manually repair the corrupted excel files.

Solution 2 – Enable Manual Calculation

If the “Open and Repair” option fails to open the file then you can try by changing the calculation setting to manual. For doing so:-

  • Open “Option” under file Tab.
  • Go to the “Formula” Tab.
  • Select “Manual” option and click “OK”.

Sometimes it happens that Excel opens a corrupted workbook if it doesn’t have to recalculate.

Solution 3 – Give a Chance to Competitors

If your Excel file is corrupted then you can extract data from it and open it with “Open Office”. It is the best alternative to MS office. You will be able to view files on Open Office Excel Counterpart. You can easily download the suite and view data.

 Solution 4- Save as SYLK format then Rename it to XLS

Microsoft recommends SYLK format as it filters out corrupted elements, especially if the corruption is related to printing. You must be able to open the corrupted workbook by following these steps:-

  • Click on “Save As” under the File Tab
  • Choose SYLK (Symbolic Link) (*.slk) in the “Save as type” Control. (Shown Below)
  • Rename the active file with a descriptive title
  • Click on “Save”

After applying the above steps just change the file format by renaming it from .slk to .xls and the title should be the same as it was before. So this technique can recover the majority of the corrupted data but not the complete data.

If still the Excel 2013 File is Corrupted and Cannot be Opened then I would recommend a third-party tool that will definitely get back your data. The tool is genuine and authentic to use and it is easily operable without any third-party advice.

Solution 5- Try Professional method to Recover Excel Files

The SysInfo Excel recovery tool that can deal with Corrupted Excel Files in any format. It supports .xls format and as well as the .xlsx format that is also known as the extension of excel files. This recovery tool can retrieve all the precious data and restore it in an accessible format. It scans the file and removes all the unwanted content from it. After doing so it makes the Excel 2013 files operable.

Pros and Cons of the Tool


  • Easy to operate
  • Compatible with all version of windows
  • Supports all Versions of MS Excel
  • Repairs many files Simultaneously
  • Recovers large size files


  • Not Compatible withMac
  • Doesn’t Supports Linux

I hope you must have like this article and got the solution to your problem. For any query, you can comment in the section given below. If you have problems in opening Corrupted Word and PDF files then you must read the following articles

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