How to Fix Windows Database Corruption

Windows data recovery becomes your necessity if you’re using Windows system and your hard disk drive is corrupted. So here in this article there are some manual tricks for how to fix windows database corruption. Try the professional tool if the manual tricks aren’t enough. Keep reading this article for more information…

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Microsoft Windows is one of the most popular graphical operating systems among computer users. It was initially released on 1985, and since then it has been excessively used by millions of computer users. A Windows system contains a very large amount of data, i.e. file and information, which are stored in a hard disk drive (initial HDD) aka physical drive. A hard disk drive may contain several billion bytes of storage capacity. It can be used to store any data type, such as: pictures, music, videos, documents and many more. In addition to, it also stores files for the operating system and other software applications which run on a computer system.

Oftentimes users face data inaccessibility due to hard disk failure or corruption. Being a physical drive, a hard disk is prone to major issues and due to this, you may lose your data. There are numerous reasons which are highly responsible for corruption or hard disk failure. Let’s find out below:

Reasons for Corruption and Hard Disk failure

  • Computer Virus: The primary reason behind any sort of corruption or failure is always computer virus and bugs. They not only affect the stored data and information but also cause major problems in a computer system. It can slow down the computer, corrupt the system files and other data and information, damage the boot sector, etc. Experts and professionals always recommend you to use an Antivirus program to keep your system free from viruses and bugs. Make sure you regularly scan your computer system for viruses.
  • Abruptly System Shutdown: If you’re working on computer and it gets turned off all of a sudden due to power failure or forced shutdown, it may cause severe problems like corruption or permanent data loss. Though improper shutdown doesn’t cause any hardware damage, but it can cause corruption in the storage content. A computer system needs proper time to be turned off. The process of abruptly shutdown forces the system to be turned off improperly, and it results in data loss or corruption. Make sure you turn off your computer system in a proper way. Also, you must use UPS (uninterruptible power supply) device with your computer to get power backup in case of sudden power failure.
  • Hardware Failure: Hardware failure refers to a malfunction caused to the electronic circuits or electromechanical components of a computer system. Generally hardware failure can cause permanent data loss. Hard disk drive is the main hardware part of a computer whose failure can truly cause major problems like data inaccessibility, corruption or data loss. Computer viruses and bugs play an important role in hardware failure. Also, overheating of a system can result in hardware failure. To prevent hardware failure, make sure no virus or bug is present on your system. All the hardware devices including the hard disk should be in excellent condition.
  • Software Malfunction: Software malfunction refers to an error, fault or failure in computer application that causes incorrect or unexpected results. It is primarily caused due to the software bugs. Other reason of software malfunction is the collision/detection of software programs with other installed programs. Never install any software applications on your system which are provided or downloaded by unauthorized source.
  • Human Error: Human errors can sometimes cause severe problems for computer users. They include adding/removing software programs excessively, cleaning registry files, deleting/removing system files, etc. As such errors are made by human itself, avoid doing such errors or mistakes as they may cause corruption or data loss.

Due to any of these reasons (discussed above), your system hard disk may become corrupt and you may lose all your data and information forever. In such situation, all you can do is restore your data from a valid backup file. Make sure the backup is valid and updated, otherwise you can’t restore anything or everything from it. Situation becomes challenging for users when there’s no backup file. As there’s no backup, the only solution left is a professional Windows Data Recovery software.

Manual Solution

7 Answers to your questions for how to fix windows database corruption

Answer 1- Troubleshoot Windows

  • Click on “Start”
  • Open Control Panel
  • Click on “Troubleshooting”
  • System and Security tab gets opened
  • Fix Update Problems
  • Follow on-screen prompts

Answer 2- Apply System File Checker

  • Click on “Start”
  • Right Click on “Command Prompt”
  • Select “Run as Administrator”
  • Type “scannow” or  SFC
  • Wait for the Completion
  • Reboot Your system

Answer 3- Try DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and management) tool

  • Click on “Start”
  • Right Click on “Command Prompt”
  • Choose “Run as Administrator”
  • Type the command- DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /scanhealth or DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth
  • Wait for Completion
  • Reboot your System

Answer 4- Execute Clean Boot

  • Press “Windows + R” on the keyboard
  • Type “msconfig” (ignore quotes) into “Run Box” and click “OK”
  • System Configuration opens
  • Choose Services
  • Check “Hide all Microsoft services” and disable them
  • Open “Task Manager”
  • Disable Startups Applications
  • In the “System Configuration” choose “Apply” and Click “OK”
  • Restart the system and the system will get Fixed

Answer 5- Build Some Space

  • Delete the Unwanted Files from the system
  • Find “download.old” file and erase it

Answer 6- Restore the System

  • Open Control Panel
  • In “System & Security” click on “File History”
  • Find “Recovery” option and go to “Open system Restore”
  • Click on “Next” and select the restore point
  • Click on “Next”, > “Finish” > “yes”

Answer 7- Reset the whole System

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Open “Update and Security”
  • Select “Reset this PC”
  • Then “Get Started”

Professional Solution

When nothing works for you and you don’t know how to fix windows database corruption then you must seek some professional help. As the concerned issue here in this post is related to data recovery, you must try professional data recovery services. Never try to perform manual data recovery from corrupt hard disk drive as it may cause much worse results than expected. Therefore, you must take help of a professional data recovery expert, company or software product. Now let’s find out why a professional software tool is better than a data recovery expert or company.

Windows Data Recovery Software

If you try a professional software tool, you can perform Windows data recovery by your own. In these days, there’re many software companies in the market which provide such professional recovery software with free demo version for trial or evaluation purpose. SysInfoTools Software is one of the popular names among those online software providers. Its Windows Data Recovery tool is the most effective, swift and highly convenient solution for Windows users to perform data recovery from their corrupt or formatted volumes as well as drives. Users can download its demo version for free evaluation before purchasing the licensed version.

Why to choose Windows Data Recovery tool?

Windows Data Recovery tool provided by SysInfoTools Software is an amazing hard drive recovery solution for recovering maximum possible data in their original form at user-defined location. Look at the salient features of this software given below:

  • Supports Windows data recovery from corrupt/formatted volumes and drives
  • Supports Windows file systems, i.e. FAT (FAT16, FAT32 and FAT64 aka exFAT) and NTFS
  • Supports both popular partition table formats, i.e. MBR aka master boot record and GPT aka GUID partition table
  • Multiple scanning and recovery modes for maximum possible data recovery
  • Tree-structure preview of recovered files and folders

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