How to Sync Yahoo Mail with Mac Mail

For the convenience of Mac mail users, it has an inbuilt feature to sync and configure Yahoo mail into it, but many users have a query that Yahoo mail is not syncing with Mac Mail on their Mac operating system. They are facing an error while configuring Yahoo mail to Apple Mail. In spite of using the correct credentials and following the required steps, they are unable to synchronize Yahoo to mac.

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The common error occurring, again and again, is is not responding. Even the user has tried to re-establishing the account but the error has not been fixed. If you are also facing the same problem then, in this article I would like to share some of the Out of the blue techniques to resolve this problem.

Troubleshoot Yahoo is Not Configuring with Mac Mail Problem

It is very easy to configure and sync Yahoo Mail to Mac Mail but sometimes due to abrupt settings and Yahoo Mail restricts it from connecting to the Mac Mail. So I will be discussing various possibilities which you can try to connect both the email clients. There might some obstacle in your Yahoo account and therefore it is not syncing to Apple Mail.

Check whether Yahoo Mail is Working Independently

  • Open a web browser either Google Chrome or Firefox into your computer.
  • Now, Open Yahoo Mail into it and log in.
  • Compose a new Email and send it to your Own Yahoo mail Account.
  • Now, Check on Apple Mail whether the email has been received in 5 Minutes or not.
  • If you haven’t received any email then there is some problem with your Yahoo mail account address.

Use Latest Version of Macintosh

If you are using Yahoo Mail on mac then it is always recommended that you should keep your mac operating system updated. Sometimes the older version of Mac is unable to load the Yahoo mails on the mac mail therefor you must update the OS and then try to connect.

Remove and Add Yahoo Account

Sometimes email setup issues lead to yahoo mail corruption and the user finds that Yahoo mail is not syncing with mac mails. So it is better to delete Yahoo email from mac and try to reinstall it. Follow the steps given below to remove Yahoo from Mac.

  • Launch Mac Mail app into your PC.
  • In the Top Menu Click on Mail tab.
  • Choose the Preferences option from the various other options.
  • In the Sidebar Select the Yahoo Email Account which you want to remove.
  • Click on Dash (-) from the bottom.
  • Click on OK Button and confirm the deletion of the Yahoo Account.
  • After the complete deletion, add the Same Yahoo Mail into your Mac Mail.

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Inspect Account Settings of Yahoo Mail

  • Check all the emails of the Spam Folder and see whether any email is incorrectly marked as spam.
  • By mistake, you might have blocked the Email Sender so immediately unblock him.
  • Check all Email Filters and see whether the email has been received in any other folder.
  • Always keep your reply to address blank.

Disable all Security Applications

Sometimes the antivirus program conflicts with some of the features of Yahoo Mail and therefore Yahoo Mail don’t sync to Mac Mail. First, you should disable the antivirus program and then configure Yahoo Mail into Mac mail.

  • Open Antivirus Program and disable all the Firewalls.
  • Connect the Yahoo Mail to Mac Mail.
  • If the Yahoo mail gets configured successfully with the Apple mail then it is proved that your antivirus program was causing the trouble.
  • Once you add Yahoo Mail to Mac Mail, you can re-enable the antivirus program.

Edit Auto-Forwarding Rules

When the Auto-Forwarding feature is enabled on the yahoo mail then it prevents the user from syncing yahoo mail to Mac Mail. Therefore you must configure a new setting.

  • Open Yahoo Mail and then Click on Setting Tab.
  • On the left side of the navigation pane Select Mail option.
  • Now, click and open Auto-Forwarding Setting.
  • Here you can customize the settings according to your choice.

Check Server Address

There might be some problem with the server address so before you sync Yahoo mail to Apple mail you must enter the following server address.

  • POP3 incoming mail server: (port 995, requires SSL)
  • IMAP incoming mail server: (port 993, requires SSL)
  • SMTP outgoing mail server: (port 465 or 587, requires SSL)
  • NEWS server:

Scrutinize Yahoo Mail Credentials

Sometimes small negligence of one character either in the I.D. or password results in the login error and the user finds that Yahoo Mail is unable to connect with Mac Mail. So you must inspect each and every character of your Yahoo Email I.D. and Password and then enter it into the Apple Mail.

I have told you so many ways to configure Yahoo mail to apple mail but still, if you fail to configure then I will ask you to spend some bucks and purchase a third party software.

Yahoo Mail Converter

It is the last option you are left with because this tool will help you to convert and Save Yahoo Emails as MBOX file and then you can import those MBOX files into your Apple Mail. This is how it is possible to resolve the issue that Yahoo mail is not syncing with mac mail. This method is genuine and there will be no chance of any data loss during the whole process.

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Wrapping Up

Finally, I would like to suggest that go for the professional tool if the manual techniques fail to meet up the issue because the Professional tool would be fast and it will resolve your issue quickly. I hope all the information I have shared with you proves helpful to you.

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