How to Generate Third-party app passwords on Yahoo

Whenever I try to open third-party email applications on Yahoo, it always asks for an app password. Can anyone tell me the ways to generate yahoo mail password for less secure apps? 

When someone uses old third-party email applications that are not using any Yahoo brand sign-in page then it asks to enter a password for login. So, don’t worry, this guide will help you in finding out the ways for managing Third-party app passwords to access your Yahoo account. Follow us till the end of this technical guide.

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Methods to protect Yahoo Mail Account

Follow the below methods to generate Third-party app passwords Yahoo:

Method 1: Use Two-factor Authentication, Simple or Random Passwords

This method is also called as 2-step authentication. It is basically a security protocol that requires two methods for gaining access to a program or any application. 

Follow the steps  below for performing two-step authentication:

  • First, go to the upper-right corner and choose your Account icon.
  • Choose Account Info.
  • Then choose Account Security.
  • Enable the Two-step verification toggle switch.
  • After this, enter your mobile number. Then for receiving verification code, select option either send SMS or Call me.
  • On the basis of your chosen option, you will receive a verification code. Then enter that code into the on-screen dialogue box. After this, choose the verify option.
  • If you enter the correct code correctly then a dialogue box appears to make app passwords for programs or apps that use two-step authentication. Or you can select skip as well.

(Notice: For accessing Yahoo mail using POP, mobile devices, or IMAP, this  Two-step authentication will not apply. So, for this, you have to create application-specific passwords.)

  • From now, a notification or a box will appear for an authentication code whenever you logging in Yahoo account.

You can have a random password for each program that you want to use with your email account. Whenever you don’t want to use that application you can remove that password and stop working on that application.

Method 2: Make an application password with Yahoo Two-factor Authentication setup

Follow the below steps to generate yahoo mail password for less secure apps:

    • First, at the right corner of your Yahoo mail account, choose Account Info from the drop-down menu.
    • Then click and open the Account Security category. Enter your detail if prompted.
    • Now, from here, select one of two ways:
    • You can choose “Generate app password”(it is the safest process) and then continue to the step below, or
    • Enable the “Allow apps that use less secure sign in” button to the ON position. After this, get back to your email app. Here you will receive your Yahoo email now. 

yahoo less secure

  • Here, you need to click on the Generate app password option.
  • Then from the drop-down, choose your email app, or type manually if it’s not listed.
  • Now, copy the generated password for you.

(Notice: Always make sure to copy the password to your clipboard. Because next time you won’t be able to see it again. Otherwise, every time you need to generate new app password for each email application.)

  • Hit Done and get back to your email app. Enter the password where prompted.

Method 3: Delete and Remove an Application Password 

To ensure that an application password no longer works to sign in to your Yahoo mail account. So, after using it, deleted the application password using the following steps:

  • First, go to Account Info in your Yahoo account.
  • Then click on Account Security.
  • Choose option Manage app passwords.
  • Hit the trash can icon next to the application password and remove the password that you want to delete.

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Here we have discussed all the methods to generate yahoo mail password for less secure apps. Hope this tech guide will help you a lot in generating an app password.

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