How to Export Outlook Express mail to PST file?

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  • Updated on November 15th, 2022

DBX to PST Converter has become a hot-selling cake in the market. People have started adopting new technologies and the user interface (UI) is changing rapidly. Outlook Express is getting obsolete slowly and MS Outlook is the order of the day. Both are Microsoft Products and are used for the same purpose. Outlook Express is an outdated image of MS Outlook, hence both programs understand different file formats and store data differently. You might not be aware that a DBX file can store only 2 Gb maximum data, and it crashes if tried to add more, hence you must prefer upgrading to the latest practices to avoid data loss. These are the reasons why we need to export Outlook Express emails to PST.dbx to pst converter

Options to Convert DBX to PST

Before I tell you about any commercial DBX to PST tool that can help you to convert or upgrade OE to MS Outlook, follow the manual solution and technique which can be used to import and access mailbox items of DBX files in MS Outlook.

How to Convert Outlook Express DBX to PST (Manually and Free)

To convert your DBX files to PST, a couple of programs are required. Windows Live Mail and MS Outlook. Here you can easily download official Windows live mail, and the other program you require is Microsoft Outlook.

Note:- Every manual technique requires concentrated attention, please follow the steps as mentioned. Email data loss has also been reported using this technique, I recommend you keep a copy of your original DBX file as a backup. If you have already faced corruption, you can repair the Outlook PST file using ScanPST.exe.

Follow the below steps as available in the latest version of Windows Live Mail. I recommend you use this technique with the latest Windows live mail and know how to export outlook express mail to a pst file.

  • Step 1- Install Windows Live Mail on your computer
  • Step 2- Click on the file or Press Alt + F (drop-down file menu will appear)
  • Step 3- Click on Import Messages from the menu (import program will appear) – See Image    Windows-Live-Mail-dbx-to-pst
  • Step 4- In the Import messages Dialogue box, Microsoft Outlook Express should be selected, Click Next there.
  • Step 5- Select the All Folders radio button and click Next. (you may also select desired folders from the menu)
  • Step 6- Now Windows live Mail will import your mailbox data from Outlook Express in Windows Live.
  • Step 7- Follow Step 1 again
  • Step 8- Move your cursor or Export email, and click on Email messages as shown in the image below.Windows Live Mail dbx to pst
  • Step 9- Export Mail setup program will appear, select Microsoft Exchange and click Next.
  • Step 10- You will be notified with a confirmation message, Click OK.
  • Step 11- Select all folders like Step 5
  • Step 12- That is it, Click on the Finish Tab ab your emails are now exported in the desired location.

Now here you convert Outlook Express DBX to PST format by using the import and export techniques in Windows Live Mail, please see the Pros and cons of this manual solution.


  • Free and easy-to-download tool
  • No technical expertise required
  • Easy-to-follow steps


  • E-mail data might malfunction
  • Images might break
  • E-mail headers might be removed

Well if you can compromise with your emails and like to use the simple way, you have the option with you. But if you can not bear any of your emails to break, the next option in front of you is paid commercial ware. I am sure before you landed on this page, you would have already tried or read about many other paid tools. There are many available, but if you ask my recommendation, I prefer relying on DBX to PST Converter by SysInfoTools. It is an inexpensive tool that is well-reputed among system administrators and Microsoft Professionals. If you have any other tool to prefer, you may go with it, but I would suggest you try the demo version of the tool before you purchase any. Make sure you get the best one.

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