How to recover data from VHDX file

Do you want to know how to recover data from VHDX? Then, you landed in the right place. This blog will tell you about how to restore VHDX file windows 10 in remarkable ways.

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Let us begin by getting to know VHDX within the virtual world of computers.

VHDX – Hard Disk image

A Hyper V virtual hard disk (VHDX) is a disk image file format found in Windows Server 2012. It creates and provisions virtual/logical disk storage space to virtual machines. Once you mount a VHD disk, the image appears to Windows as an ordinary hard disk that’s physically connected to the system. VHDX comes with features such as support for larger sizes and disk resizing. So, more users migrate to VHDX from VHD. The main advantage you get with VHDX is its increased storage capacity of 64 TB (terabytes). But, just like any other file, VHDX is also prone to corruption.

Corrupt VHDX Why?

We have listed some of the popular reasons that are responsible for the corruption in the VHDX file. So, these mistakes can be understood to avoid VHDX corruption.

  • If your storage media manifests with corruption issues, then you can face corruption in the VHDX files too.
  • If your system has recently been hacked, then you might face corruption in the VHDX files.
  • Accidental sudden shut down of your computer may cause corrupt files.
  • Hard disk crashes often result in corrupt VHDX files.

But, if corruption has already occurred in VHDX, then learn the methods about how to recover data from VHDX.

Manual Methods on how to recover data from VHDX

If you are on a search for how to fix a corrupted hyper-v VHDX file, then we are going to share here 2 manual methods to repair VHDX file.

Method 1: Rebuild VHD file using Windows PowerShell

This method makes use of Windows PowerShell to repair the VHDX file. Do VHDX repair Powershell:

  • First, load Windows PowerShell as an Admin (Run as administrator).
  • Next, write Mount-VHD –path d:\folder\vdisk.vhdx –ReadOnly and hit Enter.
  • Then type Optimize-VHD –path d:\folder\vdisk.vhdx -Mode Full and click Enter.
  • Here, write Dismount-VHD –path d:\folder\vdisk.vhdx and hit Enter.

    Where d:\folder\vdisk.vhdx denotes the complete path of the corrupt VHD file.

If the above method didn’t suit you, then apply next to get a solution on how to restore VHDX file windows 10.

Method 2: VHD file recovery by using Hyper-V Manager

  • Load the Hyper-V Manager and flick Edit Disk.
  • Pull out Locate Disk from the left pane, Browse the affected VHD or VHDX file, and click Next.
  • Pick out Compact to free-up the unused space. If you did not see the Compact option, the Virtual Machine to which the VHDX is attached is in turned ON state, or the affected VHDX file is a Fixed Disk VHD.
  • Dab on Finish once the Compact process is complete.
  • Give another name or Rename the VHD file.

If, after steps completion, the VHDX files did not get repaired with the above method. Then, the reason for that must be VHDX corruption. In such a case, only an automated solution can help you out.

Alternate Method for how to recover data from VHDX

If the manual methods did not help you get the VHDX file, that means the files are gone corrupted. But, do not worry as such corrupt VHDX can get solved with the SysInfoTool VHDX Recovery software. With it, you can solve how to recover data from VHDX in a few moments without any technical know-how. It uses automated algorithms to get VHDX recovery, and you get accurate results. With it, you get to perform the VHDX data recovery process using three modes based on the level of corruption. So, use this utility to repair Hyper-V VHDX files from the corrupt virtual hard disk drives today.


VHDX is a format supported for Virtual hard Disk by Windows. The corruption of the VHDX files leads users to search for how to recover data from VHDX. We have shared here manual methods to recover data from VHDX. But, these methods fail if the VHDX is unrepairable. So, to repair VHDX files from the corrupted or unrepairable state, always make use of the automated solution VHDX Recovery Sysinfo. I hope this blog gets you one happy way to repair VHDX files.

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