Need MBOX to PST Converter for MAC With Manual Solution

Summary: In this blog, we are going to share the information about MBOX to PST converter for MAC With Manual as well as an alternate solution.

Mbox is a file format supported by around 20 email clients like Power mail, apple mail, sea monkey & many more. However, many MBOX users need to access their mailboxes in Microsoft Outlook. Professionals love MS Outlook due to many features.

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Also, some people think that MS Outlook is much important than MBOX. One has to convert the file from MBOX to PST for accessing the file.

Why is MS Outlook needed more than MBOX?

We should understand the advantages of PST over the MBOX format first.

PST supports multiple types of data
PST supports multiple types of data like calendar, tasks, email etc. Whereas MBOX format is suitable for an only email message.

Advance format
PST format is designed for storing mailbox data systematically. But the MBOX format is very simple, and emails are saved sequentially.

The great feature of MS Outlook is that you can work in offline mode & when the connection gets established then automatically synchronize the data.

More control & better security features
Outlook provides more control & comfortable features for users and advance featured for email and attachments.

Further, we will tell you about Mbox to pst converter for MAC

Method to move Mbox emails to PST

To move the data users need to follow these 3 simple steps:

Save MBOX emails as EML files

  • Open the MBOX email client T do a right-click on a folder and click the new folder option.
  • Enter a suitable name and create a folder.
  • Move all EML message to the newly created folder that you want to migrate.
  • Now all the emails are present in the folder.
  • Choose all the emails and select the save as option. It will save to your desired location in EML Format.

Drag and Drop EML Files to Outlook

Open the folder where EML files are saved. drag and drop them to any Outlook folder after selecting all the emails.

Convert MBOX to PST Using Email Clients

Apple mail is also very popular & big platforms that use the Mox file. But you need a technical education to convert the data. Here we are going to suggest some helpful techniques for this.

Stage 1: Use Apple Mail

  1. Start the Apple Mail on your system.
  2. Click File >> Import Mailboxes.
  3. Select all the files that you want to import in the MBOX. Click Continue.
  4. Browse to the location where you have saved in the MBOX file. Choose all the required files to import and click Continue.
  5. After the process gets complete, click Done. But, make sure that all the required files are present in the Import Section.

Stage 2: Use Eudora

  • You need to append the MBOX files extension. For example, rename the data file ‘Adam’ to ‘Adam.mbx.’
  • Move the newly renamed Adam.mbx file at the directory location where Eudora saves its files. (C: Documents and SettingsApplication DataQualcommEudora).
  • Start the Eudora application and double-click the ‘Adam.mbx’ file.

Stage 3: Use Outlook Express

  1. follow File >> Import >> Messages after starting Outlook express.
  2. Choose Eudora from the list and click Next.
  3. Go to the location where you have saved the Adam.mbx and click OK.
  4. Follow the next steps to complete the import steps and check if the files have been imported cleanly.

Stage 4: Use Outlook

  • Start Outlook and click File option.
  • Select the Import/Export wizard and click the Import option.
  • Follow the steps to import the whole content from the Outlook Express to Outlook.

These are the manual methods through which you can convert the data from Mbox to PST. If you are looking for Mbox to pst converter free download for mac then read next section.

MBOX to PST converter for MAC: Alternate Solution

If you are looking for a quick and secure process to convert the files then here, we would like to suggest a tool that is Mbox to PST converter for mac. This is the most trusted and most reliable tool I came across and an easy way to perform the Conversion without any risk of damage to the original file and completes the conversion within a few minutes depending upon the file size.


Above, we have discussed the reasons why users want to convert file from MBOX to PST converter for MAC and how they can perform the migration process by following some Manual steps or by using professional Software. We can conclude that the Manual method is a tedious and more Time-consuming method where you need to keep a copy of the original file as there is a risk of damage to the original file if the process is not performed accurately. So, you must go for professional software for easy and secure conversion.

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