Simple Tricks to Migrate from Mac Outlook to Apple mail

Apple Mail is one of the first things that strike Apple users’ minds when we talk about the best email clients for Mac users. It remains in every user’s mind because of its robust features. As it quickly allows users to send, receive emails over the internet connection. Because of these features, Mac Outlook users want to migrate from Mac Outlook to Apple Mail. This guide will help in finding the best solutions for migrating Mac Outlook to Apple Mail email client.

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Apple Mail email client developed especially for Mac systems for communicating by sending and receiving emails from one another. Right now, it usually upholds some protocols like IMAP, POP3, SMTP, S/MIME, and Exchange protocols. Hence, this will help in establishing a Gmail account, Yahoo accounts, iCloud, etc. Generally, it stores all the mailbox items in MBOX file format. It offers very intuitive features for Mac users.

On the other hand, the Outlook application developed for both the Windows and Mac systems. But usually, it works faster with Windows than Mac. It offers more advanced features for Windows users. Generally, it saves the mailbox files in PST file formats.

As it clearly understood that Apple Mail especially developed for Mac users than Outlook, that’s why Mac Outlook users want to shift towards the Apple Mail client.

Now, let us talk about some important reasons due to which users are shifting towards the Apple Mail.

Common Reasons to Export mails from Outlook to Apple Mail

Many reasons may be there based on the scenarios, some of them are given below:

  • When managing Mac Outlook OLM files in bulk into an Apple Mail.
  • Many Outlook errors are responsible for this migration.
  • Job switching may force you to change the email client.
  • When you are getting bored with Mac Outlook and want to use a new email client.

These are the main reasons behind this migration, now move ahead to look forward over the steps of migration.

Best Ways to Migrate from Mac Outlook to Apple Mail-

Both Outlook and Apple mail do not support the same file format. Therefore, you have to first convert Outlook OLM files to MBOX file format, which is supported by Apple Mail. Then these MBOX files get imported into the Apple Mail client. The step by step procedure mention below for conversion:

Steps to Convert Mac Outlook OLM to MBOX

  • Initially, open Outlook application on your Mac machine.
  • Select the Outlook mailboxes that you want to move into the Mac Mail program.
  • Drag and drop those chosen mailboxes to your desktop. The mailboxes then automatically get converted into the MBOX format.
  • Again and again, perform the same process for other mailboxes.
  • Then keep those converted MBOX files into one folder.
  • Close the Outlook application.

Now, all your Mac Outlook files are in MBOX format.

Steps to Import MBOX File Folder to Apple Mail-

  • Launch the Apple Mail application first.
  • Choose the File tab >> Mailboxes option.
  • After clicking the Mailboxes option, a pop-up arrives on the screen.
  • From the pop-up box, choose the MBOX format option and hit on Continue.
  • Now, search the MBOX folder that you have created. Choose that folder.
  • Then a new window opens displaying a preview of all the .mbox files. If you don’t want to convert some .mbox files, you can deselect the box corresponding to that mailbox.
  • In the end, press the Continue button to import OLM into Mac Mail.

Manual steps provide ways to solve the issue, but it has some challenges that a user faces when executing them. Let’s talk about some of its drawbacks.

  1. You cannot import OLM files into MBOX format in bulk.
  2. This manual process consumes a huge amount of processing time.
  3. Data corruption issues may occur at the time of migration.
  4. You have to perform the same process again and again for each file.

Now you are thinking of which method you use when migrating from Mac Outlook to Apple Mail. So, for this, an instant solution is available for you. With the help of which you can easily convert Mac Outlook OLM file into MBOX file format. Use the Mac OLM Converter tool that allows you to quickly export mails from Outlook to Apple Mail within a few minutes.


In this write-up, we have explained manual steps through which you can easily migrate from Mac Outlook to Apple Mail. Moreover, if a user faces any issues with manual steps, quick or instant solutions are also provided here. You can also perform OLM to PST Conversion.

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