Easy Methods To Migrate Thunderbird Email To Office 365

Looking for a solution to migrate Thunderbird email to Office 365? Then stay connected with this blog. Here, you will definitely get a complete method to import email from Thunderbird to Office 365.

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These days, email migration is a quite challenging task for professional employees or self-dependent individuals. Any organization that wants it, then they have to typically need to transfer thousands of bulky mailbox items from one platform to another. Take the scenario of migrate thunderbird email to Office 365, for example.

Organizations need to opt for different strategies to move Thunderbird to Office 365 because in comparison to Thunderbird, Office 365 provides safer communication and better document collaboration in real-time. It is a great platform that provides Exchange online server benefits and emails that are accessible through a browser and application. Hence, before proceeding further on different techniques to import Thunderbird to Office 365. Let us check out the key reason behind the export of Thunderbird emails.

Reason to Migrate Thunderbird to Office 365

Here, I am going to mention the factor for moving from Thunderbird to Microsoft cloud services with Office 365:

  • Advance features of data sharing, storage, contacts management, task management communication, and collaboration.
  • Users are looking to move Thunderbird emails to Office 365 because of Microsoft cloud services.
  • One can get security and data storage benefits with Office 365 cloud servers.
  • Subscription packages for each user and organization based on their data size and requirement.
  • Migrate Thunderbird email to Office 365 to read mailbox items through a browser on any mobile device or tablet.
  • Switch on Office 365 for getting unlimited Office applications like Word, Excel, Access, Skype, Exchange server, etc.

These are the various causes that insist users to export Thunderbird emails, contacts, calendars, tasks to Outlook 365. Any question arises like How to migrate Thunderbird email to Office 365. Now, have looked at the different techniques to import email from Thunderbird to Office 365.

Techniques to Export Thunderbird mailbox emails Into Office 365

In this subsequent section, we introduce you to both the manual and automated techniques for migrating Thunderbird mailbox emails to Office 365. If you or your organization wishes to import emails to Office 365, this blog is for you.

Migrate MBOX Files to Office 365

Download Thunderbird Email to Local System

  • First of all, you have to create a new folder on the desktop to save emails in them.
  • After that, launch the Thunderbird on your system.
  • Now, open the folder in Thunderbird from where you want to export the emails.
  • Here, in the opening folder, Press the Ctrl+A key to select all the emails.
  • Then right-click on the message and select Save As option.
  • last, save the email in the created folder.

Export EML to Office 365

  1. Firstly, run the Outlook Mail Application.
  2. Then opt with the folder in Outlook where the Thunderbird emails will save.
  3. Furthermore, you can select the Folder tab and go along with the New Folder option.
  4. Now, in the created new folder box, define the name of the new folder.
  5. Then tap on the OK button to migrate Thunderbird email to Office 365.
  6. Here, the folder present at the left panel in the email application.
  7. In another step, press on the folder to open their content on the central panel.
  8. Finally, export all the mailbox items from the folder at the desktop into this new folder in Outlook.

Move As Attachments

  • First, launch the Thunderbird on your computer.
  • After that, select the mailbox emails you want to import from Thunderbird to your Office 365 account.
  • Now, right-click on the folder and opt with the Forward as Attachment option.
  • It will open a new email window where the attachments are present in EML format.
  • In another wizard, enter an email id in which you want to migrate Thunderbird emails.
  • Then tap on the Send button.
  • Wait for a while. You can view the Thunderbird emails on the Office 365 Mail App.
  • At last, verify the transferred email by login into the Office 365 account.

Drawbacks: Migrate Thunderbird Email to Office 365 Manually

  1. Limited Emails migration: Using the manual technique, one can import a limited no of emails from Thunderbird to Office 365. You can opt with this only to import specific emails.
  2. Long steps: It takes a lot of time for the users to move each email one by one to the desktop and then move them into Office 365.
  3. Time-Consuming Process: Migrating Thunderbird mailbox emails into Office 365 with their large attachment files takes a lot of time.
  4. Data Integrity Issue: There is a chance of changes in the email formatting or SMTP header during the transfer process.

These are some of the limitations that users may face while migrate Thunderbird email to Office 365. So to overcome this, I recommend you the expert utility using which you can easily import email from Thunderbird to Office 365 without any data loss.

Use Professional Solution to Transfer Thunderbird Emails

SysInfo Thunderbird Backup Tool is a prominent and efficient utility to migrate Thunderbird mailbox emails into Office 365 with 100 % accuracy. Software is competent enough to remove duplicate emails, maintain folder hierarchy, or migrate email without attachments files. Using this software, one can import or backup Thunderbird emails into various email clients and file formats such as Gmail, Office 365, AOL, Yahoo, Opera Mail, Zoho Mail, HostGator, PST, PDF, EML, EMLX, OST, CSV, etc.

  • Download and Launch the SysInfo Thunderbird backup Tool.
  • Check the folders from the tree you want to backup and click Next.
  • Select Office 365 from the drop-down of Saves/Backup/Migrate As.
  • Opt with different features according to the requirements.
  • Tap on the Convert to begin the migration of Thunderbird emails to Office 365.
  • Finally, save the Conversion Report by tapping on the Download Report.


In this blog, we learn about both Thunderbird and Office 365. And look at the reason that insists users to migrate thunderbird email to office 365. Along with this, understand a step-by-step guide of the manual and professional techniques to import Thunderbird emails.

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