How to Open MDF File in SQL Server?

Searching for ways to open MDF files? Then, here your search will be ended as in this article I will explain the way to open or access MDF files. So, sit comfortably and just start reading. Users will get to know all about the SQL Server and the different approaches for the concern. So let’s start the article by learning the term SQL Server.

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Microsoft SQL Server is the relational database management system (RDMS) that stores data and recovers if it is necessary. Mainly, MDF and LDF files are two types of SQL server database. These files remain located in the SQL Server environment. The database also has NDF data files that are commonly known as non-primary or secondary data files. Out of these, MDF and NDF files both hold the important database information.

But the importance of the MDF file is a little higher in comparison to the NDF file. Thus, one can use SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to open an MDF file. Now, many of you are wondering about the procedure so let’s know them.

Way to Open MDF file flawlessly using Handy Procedures

The MDF files are the log files in the SQL Server Database files thus, it is difficult to open them. Users can open the MDF file only by attaching them. Once the user attaches the MDF file, they will view its database in the object explorer of SQL Server Management Studio(SSMS). Users can perform these steps to open MDF for free. These are-

  1. First, start SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).
  2. After that, connect to the SQL Server Instance.
  3. Right-tap on the Databases and snap-on Attach in the Object Explorer.
  4. Users will see an Attach Databases window gets opened. Tap on the Add button.
  5. Visit the spot where the MDF file gets saved. Tap on it to choose the file and press OK.
  6. Finally, to attach the database tap on the OK button.

Now, users get to know the whole procedure to open MDF file in SQL Server using the above steps. Users can easily perform these steps if it doesn’t go well then it indicates the presence of corruption. One can fix this corruption by opting for an alternative tool.

Users can try SQL Database Recovery to repair corrupt MDF and NDF files of SQL Server database. The software is highly compatible and supportive of Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP, and 2000.

Different Means to Protect the Database:

One should be aware of the different techniques to protect their database. These steps will be helpful for the users to open MDF file online with ease. Some of them are written below-

  • Once the user takes backup then it is necessary to frequently check these files. This will help the users to confirm the readability and availability of the backup file. Also, the Administrator has to store these Backup files in a safer place once the size of the backup files increases.
  • Users should randomly take backups from time to time. This will help the user in keeping the data safe from software-related corruption, hardware related corruption, or accidental deletion. So, if the database gets corrupted, the user can opt for the backup file to restore the data.
  • Several times to save the storage space, the Administrator shrinks the size of the database. Due to which the fragmentation of the database increases that later affects the performance.
  • Sometimes, users generate inapplicable information while running a query to get the data. This generally happens due to data misplacement or corruption. That if the condition gets extreme conditions then the whole server may go down.
  • Usually, a single SQL Server runs multiple databases to solve many user’s queries. If there is a large database containing multiple queries for processing then it will generate a deadlock situation. Thus, to avoid this situation administrators should inspect these situations and fix them quickly.

Last Remark

One can easily open MDF files by using the manual procedure. Sometimes due to some corrupt MDF file, it doesn’t go as well as it expected. Thus, it is necessary to repair these corrupt MDF files. One can repair these files by using the SQL Database Recovery tool. The tool is built with higher GUI and thus easy to conduct.

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