How to Open tar.gz file in windows 10 Manually Know Here?

TAR stands for tarball that includes multiple files stored in a single file. It will also help to keep track of all the files, as it includes everything in one. The named files are extensions of tar.gz. TAR files are commonly used in Operating Systems for Linux and Unix. They are still found in Windows today. Here, we are sharing some methods to open Tar.gz file in Windows 10. If you also want the solution for this then read this guide thoroughly till the end.

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Sometimes named tar file is tarball which is a group of files where many files are enclosed in a single package. But instead of keeping a record of all the documents individually, you need to keep a record of only one file after you build TAR files. When the TAR files are generated the next logical step is the automatic compression. So not only can you save the hassle of handling all the files but also the bandwidth because it will take less time to send smaller files and will also occupy less disk space.

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So, now start the manual methods to open the tar files in Windows as follows.

Manual Tricks to Open Tar.gz File in Windows 10:

Use Windows 10 command prompt to open tar.gz file. To do so follow the give steps:

  1. Initially, go to the Windows button and press it then in the search box, type cmd.
  2. Navigate to the Command Prompt and right-click it and pick Run as administrator option.
  3. Search the location where the tar file is located.
  4. Then, enter the command: tar-xf filename.tar (Ex.: tar-xf abc.tar)
  5. You can see the extracted file in the same location.

From this method, only a healthy tar file can be extracted. In any case, if a file has some damage then it cannot be extracted using this method. So, for this you can take help from another given method as follows:

Substitute Method: Archive Recovery Tool

This is a qualified third party recovery tool named SysInfo Archive file Recovery tool and provides the most efficient way to restore archive files like tar, zip, rar, 7zip, etc. Due to inadequate compression or unfinished downloading, the files are completely destroyed. It is the safest way to restore and retrieve the damaged archive files.


  • Effectively restores huge archive files in one cycle.
  • Archive Recovery can restore archive files generated on MAC OS and Windows.
  • Intelligently recover and restore damaged archive files of all formats such as ZIP, RAR, TAR, TAR.GZ, 7-GZ.
  • It is simple to extract large files of approx 1 TB size.

Steps to Open Tar.gz File in Windows 10 using this tool:

  1. First, download and install the tool.
  2. Then launch the utility and pick the file type as tar.
  3. Now, opt for a single file or multiple files.
  4. The scanning process will begin. You can also check the preview of the selected files and then hit the Next button
  5. Press the Browse button and pick a location to save the recovered file
  6. Tap the Save button to start the process.
  7. Wait for the saving process to be completed and then hit the OK button.
  8. Finally, press the exit button to close the application.

This will finally open the tar file in your Windows 10 system without causing any data modification.


Through this helpful guide, you get to know the two methods to open tar type files in Windows 10 systems. Complete solutions are given here. Surely, you find this post beneficial.

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