What to do When Microsoft Outlook keeps asking for Password

Many Outlook users face an issue in Windows 10 that “Outlook keeps asking for password” again and again. You might face such issues, so to fix it, follow this write-up till the end. Here, you find many methods from which this problem can be resolved.

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Why does Outlook Password Prompt Occurs?

Many reasons are there behind this:

  1. Corruption occurs in Outlook profile.
  2. Outlook Configuration for credentials.
  3. Improper network connection.
  4. Wrong password saved by the Credential Manager.
  5. Installed Antivirus Software cause this problem.

After understanding the main reasons for the occurence of the issue, let’s discuss the methods to fit it.

Solve “Outlook keeps asking for password” Manually

There are lots of solutions that you can perform for fixing the Outlook issue.

Resetting the Outlook login settings

The very first method is resetting the login setting for Outlook using Windows Credentials Manager by following steps

  1. Visit the Control Panel and press Credentials Manager.
  2. Then go to User accounts>>Credential Manager.
  3. Delete any saved credentials which referring the Office 365 or ms.outlook email addresses in the Windows Credentials and Generic Credentials section.
  4. Hit on Details and select Remove from vaults.
  5. Press Yes on the warning box.
  6. Repeat the steps now until all credentials associated with your email address are removed.

Checking the Credential Settings

You can check the credential settings if the option Prompt for credentials is not checked in profile by following steps:

  1. Initially, launch Outlook and visit the File.
  2. Now, select the Account settings in the Account settings section.
  3. Choose your exchange account.
  4. Then hit the Change button and visit the More settings.
  5. Now, choose the Security tab.
  6. Ensure that the Always prompt option for logon credentials is not selected under User Identification.
  7. Press OK and again start Outlook.

Clearing Cached passwords

The user credentials are saved on your computer by your Windows program. If the cached credentials are wrong, you will again and again be asked for a password.

  • First exit the Outlook.
  • Hit on Start and visit the Control Panel.
  • Go to Credential Manager and Locate the credentials that Outlook has in its name.
  • To extend the credentials set, click on the name, then press Remove from Vault.

Activate Remember password

Another recommendation is to check whether you’ve chosen the option to save username and password in Outlook. For this, follow the steps below:

  • Press the File tab >> Account settings.
  • Now, in the email tab, double click the account.
  • Then a new window pops up and you can verify the Remember password option.
  • outlook remember password

Make a new profile

There could be just a flaw in the profile somewhere, where case creating a new profile would make things correct again. For this, follow the following steps:

  • First, exit Outlook application.
  • Now, go to the Control Panel >> Mail.
  • control panel
  • Visit Show profiles>>Add. Now, enter the profile name and hit on OK.
  • outlook show profile
  • Type your name and email.
  • Press Next >>Finish.
  • Go back in your mail window, choose your new profile in the Always use this profile dialogue box and press OK.

Temporarily disable your antivirus software or boot into Secure mode

Outlook may be interfering with the antivirus software if it uses an add-in or firewall. The “Outlook keeps asking for Password” issue could be created by this. So, reinstall the Antivirus for fixing this issue.

Use better Internet Connection

Poor network problems may occur at any time, and this can occur when Outlook can not connect to the server. The weak or unstable network may result in a loss of connection to the mail server due to which it asks for credentials every time you attempt to connect. You can try to move to a better networking system to fix this problem.

The manual methods above will definitely help you overcome errors caused by Outlook passwords. But if you forget your Outlook PST file password and didn’t remember it. Then we have the simplest and easiest way to recall the forgotten password. Use Outlook PST Recovery Software to quickly recover lost Outlook PST file password without any problem.

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From this write-up, you find all the possible reasons and methods to fix the “Outlook Password Prompt” issue. Also, a direct method to recover lost password has been discussed here to quickly retrieve the password. Hope, you find this guide beneficial.

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