How to Fix Photoshop PSD File Error

Are you facing an error while opening Photoshop Files?

This may be due to the corruption in the file or you might have deleted any of the supporting files. The PSD file might be corrupted and therefore it is showing in Photoshop PSD file error. You have to Fix Photoshop PSD File Error.

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You can also face PSB and PDD files errors and this can lead to the absolute removal of the Photoshop file.

Adobe Photoshop is the most used software for photo editing. It provides many features which help in making the photos attractive. You can easily build many layers on the image to make it beautiful.

But the problem arises when you are unable to open PSD files and all your efforts go veil. This can be a drastic situation for anyone as all his time and effort are lost.

The user can face PSD error, PSB File error and PDD file error.

But every problem has a solution. You can try any of the free techniques to solve PSD file error and Repair Photoshop files easily.

Solution 1- Restore from Backup

If you have accidentally deleted PSD files then you can easily retrieve PSD files form backup. The windows create a copy of Photoshop files at backup locations so that you can restore it from there by just following these steps:-

  • Open Control Panel and Choose “System Protection”.
  • Select “ON” option in “Protection Setting” which appears in the Dropdown Menu.
  • Create Restore Point by clicking on “Create” and Click “OK” to restore PSD Files.

Solution 2- Restore Photoshop Files from Temp Files

You can also solve PSD file error by restoring files from Temporary Files.

  • Open Hard Drive because all files are stored there.
  • Click on “Documents and Settings”.
  • Find the folder with the similar name and choose “Local Setting”.
  • Open “Temp” files and search for PSD file with similar name and open it.
  • Rename the .temp extension to .psd

Then you will be able to view your file and this technique can restore damaged PSD file into your system.

Solution 3- Recover Photoshop Files from “Recent” Tab

If by any chance due to electricity failure or computer crashing you have lost your PSD file or the files have disappeared from the screen while working on it then not to worry you can get bac Photoshop File from “Recent” tabs.

  • On the top left corner Click on “File” taskbar.
  • Click on “Open” and choose “Recent Files”.
  • There you will find your file and can restore back from there.

Solution 4- Retrieve PSD files from Previous Versions

You can get back your Corrupted Photoshop files by just applying the following tricks:-

  • Choose “Restore Previous Version” in the options appears on right-clicking the corrupted PSD file.
  • When the previous version opens “Restore” it.
  • Open the Restored
  • Once file can be viewed you can save it at any location.

Solution 5- Try out Professional Photoshop Recovery Tool

If your error hasn’t been solved by the above methods then you must try a Recovery Software and I am sure that this tool will definitely solve the Photoshop PSD file error in no time. This tools works on the recovery of damaged PSD files.

This tool does a deep analysis and recovers all the layers of images. This tool can help to fix Photoshop PSD file Error. There is no need for any special guidance to run this tool. It works on all files formats of Photoshop files like .psd, .psb and .pdd.


But there are some positivity and negativity in this tool:-

Positive Perspective

  • Easily Operable.
  • Works on all layers of images in PSD files.
  • Bulk PSD data can be recovered.
  • Supports all Photoshop files formats.
  • Compatible with all version of windows.
  • Solve File error in no time.

Negative Perspective

  • Not Compatible with MAC.
  • Not Suitable for Linux Users.

I hope that this article has sorted out your issues but there are some Precautions you must take to avoid these types of errors in the future.

  • Don’t do Bulk Deletion of files because that is the chance where you can lose some important files also.
  • While formatting a drive Create Backup of your needed files.
  • Use effective “Antivirus” Software in order to protect the files from virus attacks.
  • Pay keen attention while deleting the Supporting Files because due to the removal of supporting file the main file is unable to open.

Now you are aware of the precautions so I wish that in future you don’t come across such type of errors.

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