Most Efficient Methods to Recover Calendar From OST File

Summary – Every MS Outlook user always wants to recover Outlook calendar appointments without any loss. While having an Exchange Account, every user can easily access Outlook. Moreover, many users want to recover calendar events Outlook. In this blog, we will go through how to recover calendar from OST file. If you want to use the simplest method, then you can use the third-party tool Sysinfo OST Recovery Tool.


A Brief Introduction Of OST files and iCalendar:

OST file format: OST is a file format of Outlook. It aids in keeping an offline copy of all the data or information, such as calendars, emails, notes, contacts, and many more! Under Microsoft, there is a utility that helps to restore Outlook calendar from backup.

iCalendar: ICS file format is also called iCalendar. It is the file format that assists the users in caching the scheduling and calendering data like journal entries, events, tasks, and many more!

How Do Get Back Deleted Calendar in Outlook?

From the above idea of ICS file format, you can also say that it is supported by different email clients like Yahoo Calendar, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, etc. After knowing that, you can easily recover deleted calendar from Outlook that supports the file format of ICS.

However, there are different methods to restore Outlook calendar from the backup.

Different Methods to Recover Calendar from OST File:

In this write-up, we’ll go through two different methods. The first one is all about the manual method and the second one is all about the professional method.

Method 1: To Recover Outlook Calendar Appointments Manually

While performing the manual method, make sure that this method is only applicable if Outlook is accessible and connected. And the best part of the manual method is that it is free of cost. Follow the steps to recover calendar from OST file as follows –

Step 1: Restore Deleted Outlook Calendar through Exchange Server

1. Open Control Panel and then search the mail applets.

2. After that, click on Email Accounts and highlight the Exchange Account.

3. Tap on the change button.

Recover Calendar From OST File

4. You can easily see the changed account on your Window, then tap on the button of More Settings.

Recover Calendar From OST File

5. Then, move to Advanced Button. After that, pop on the settings of the Offline Folder file.

Recover Calendar From OST File

6. Press on the Disable Offline option.

7. Then, choose the option of Use Cached Exchange Mode > OK> Next>In the end, click Finish Button.

Step 2: To Recover Calendar from OST File through Microsoft Outlook:

1. The primary step is to open and launch Microsoft Outlook and then, press the File button.

2. After that, tap on the Export Button.

Recover Calendar From OST File

3. Then, go to “Select Export to a file” and after that, click on the next button.

Recover Calendar From OST File

4. Then, choose the action which has to perform.

Recover Calendar From OST File

5. Moving Ahead, select the folder of Calendar that you want to restore deleted Outlook calendar.

6. Then choose the option of “Include Subfolder” and click on the OK button.

7. Come up with the Destination path and choose the option of “remove duplicate with items exported”.

8. Then, choose the file format which you want to convert.

9. And the last one is if you want to secure your file, you can provide a password.

Limitations of Performing Manual Method:

  • Sometimes, the manual method doesn’t work, if the OST file becomes parentless or inaccessible.
  • It is very typical to understand what are the steps to recover calendar events Outlook.
  • Another drawback while performing the manual method is If Outlook doesn’t get connected to the Exchange Server, then users are not allowed to restore Outlook calendar from backup.

Method 2: Recover Outlook Calendar Appointments Professionally:

We have already seen that users face so many difficulties while performing the manual method as this method is very complex and typical. So, don’t panic at all! We already have a third-party tool for all the users. This Sysinfo OST Recovery Tool aids to recover calendar from OST file. Using this software, users get the benefit of saving the OST files into different file formats like MBOX, PST, EML, DBX, and MSG. The best part of this wizard is that there is no need for any professionals to use it.


In this write-up, we’ve discussed various topics. I hope you have understood what is OST and iCalendar. There are different methods to get back deleted calendar in Outlook, i.e., Manually and Professionally. As discussed above, the manual method is very complex and hard to understand. On the other hand, the professional method is very easy to use. You can choose any of the methods which suit you.

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