How to Recover Deleted Photos on SD Card free

How to Recover Deleted Photos on SD Card

In this new era the only way of holding memories are through images and videos. The trend of recording videos and clicking pictures is at boom nowadays. Everyone keeps their pics and videos in their Mobile Phones. But when we want more storage space then the only option is the SD Card or Memory card.

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Earlier there was only one SD Card but now there are varieties in their sizes and in their brands. Mini SD cards, micro SD cards and normal memory cards are trending nowadays produced by many brands like SanDisk, Samsung, Sony, Transcend, Toshiba, Kingston etc.

But the problem arises when you lose the data from SD cards. Here the dilemma occurs that what to do and how to Recover deleted Photos on SD card free without using any third party tool. The reason may be:-

  • Accidentally Erased the Pictures
  • Unable to find images
  • Virus attacks
  • Lost Pics while Transferring

So now the question arises that how will you get back those images or videos?

Here are some techniques you can follow, elaborated step by step that how to Recover Deleted Photos on SD Card free.

Step 1- Check for Backups

See if you might have created any backup of the lost photos.


If not then:-

Step 2- Create Backups

Easy Process of Maintaining Photos and Videos Backups.




Step 3- Inspect Bin Folder

You can restore and  recover it from “Recently Deleted” Folder.  Sometimes when photos are accidentally deleted then they are not permanently removed from the SD card.




Step 4- Download From Social Media

You can Get Back the lost pictures from the Social Media Platforms also. You can either download it or you can take a screenshot of the uploaded pics. Social Media portals like Facebook, Instagram, etc. keeps the uploaded data safe and secured.

Step 5- Try the Recovery Tool

If any of the above mentioned ideas doesn’t works then you can try a professional recovery  tool to recover deleted photos on SD card. This tool is very easy to use and it will definitely restore the lost images in the gallery. There is no need of any expert to operate this software.

But there are some Pros and Cons of this tool



1- Easy to Run

2- Supports all version of windows

3- Recovers Bulk Images in no Time

4- Cost Effective


1- Not Compatible with Mac.

2- Linux Users Please avoid.

I hope by now you have got your solution that how to recover deleted photos on SD card free without any hassle. I am sure this article will help you up to a great extend and will sort out your technical issues.

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