How to Recover Suspect Database in SQL Server

This article will be a helpful guide for those who want to learn how to recover suspect database in SQL Server. It teaches you everything you need to know before SQL server database suspect mode fixing.

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The Database Suspect is one of the different Database states. These states define the condition of the database at that moment. If the database is in suspect mode, it means that users can not access the database. This state generally arises when the database recovery has started but not completed successfully. So, its data files get corrupted.

To bring the SQL server from Suspect mode to Online mode. You need to finish the incomplete recovery process. This way, the corrupted data files will get repaired, and the users can access the database files. You can fix SQL server suspect databases either by manual method or automatic method.

Before that, you should learn various reasons for this suspect mode.

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Causes of Database Suspect Mode

  1. The database files may become unavailable for the server when used by the Operating System or Third-Party software. The database software can not access a file that already gets used by some other software. Therefore, it goes into suspect mode and you need to recover suspect database in SQL Server.
  2. The available disk space may not be sufficient for the effective functioning of the database. It requires space to store temporary data. If the disk space does not have adequate storage space, the server could not load files and shows the suspect database.
  3. The database files get corrupted due to a sudden server crash. It damages the file generated during the process. The server crashes or restarts between a transaction causes the generated data files to get corrupted. Therefore, the server can not access these files, and the database goes into the suspect mode.
  4. The primary reason for the suspect databases in SQL servers is database file corruption. If the system is unable to read the file, it can not retrieve the information from it. Therefore, it will display suspect mode.
  5. The database also goes into suspect mode due to the improper shutdown of the server. Due to this, some files don’t get closed properly, and hence get damaged. So, you need to recover suspect database in SQL Server.

How to Recover Suspect Database in SQL Server 2017

You can recover the suspect Database in an SQL server with a simple method known as the manual method. It is a method in which you can fix the SQL server database suspect mode error without any additional software.
Follow the steps below to recover the database from suspect mode.

  • Connect the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to the server.
  • connect-SSMS-to-the-server
  • Select the New Query option and give the following command to set the database to emergency mode.
    EXEC sp_resetstatus ‘db_name’;
  • Use the following command for Consistency Check
    DBCC CHECKDB (‘database_name’)
  • Enable Single-User Mode in the database and give the following command to roll back the previous transaction.
  • Backup the complete database and use the following command to repair the database.
  • Disable the Single-User Mode and enable Multi-User Mode.
  • Finally, restart the Database Server and it will get recovered from suspect mode.

After performing the manual operation, you can recover suspect database in SQL Server. However, the manual steps are complicated for some users. Also, it does not guarantee SQL Database recovery. So, the most suitable option in such a scenario is using an automatic method. Sysinfo SQL Recovery Tool repairs the damaged SQL data files. So, you restore complete data.


The suspect mode of the database concludes that users can not open the data files. This issue seems quite complicated but will get resolved with ease. The database may go into the suspect mode because for various reasons. However, you can bring it to online mode by following the manual steps. If the manual operations are complicated for you, the best option will be an automatic method. Sysinfo SQL Recovery Tool is one of the best software that repairs the data files and recovers suspect database in SQL Server.

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