Resolve Outlook Error Code 0x80070035 Windows 10/7?

As a Windows 10 user, are you conflicting with Error Code 0x80070035 Windows 10? Then don’t worry, just keep calm. This is the exact place for you to know all about this error and how to get rid of this. 

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What does the Outlook error code 0x80070035 mean?

Data files are an essential part of the Outlook application as they store all related addresses, emails, attachments and documents. Outlook gives users the ability to add data files, but sometimes it displays 0x80070035 error when adding data files to Outlook. It usually happens because of the specific “My Documents File” location. 

The error looks like

“An unknown error occurred, error code: 0x80070035”


“An unknown error occurred, when you try to add a data file in Outlook”

Reasons for error 0x80070035 windows 7 &10

  • Your Outlook profile may not be correctly configured.
  • Virus/malware targeting the running of your Outlook.
  • The outlook is not installed correctly.
  • The Outlook may not be used properly as it should be.

Why Error Code 0x80070035 Windows 10 & 7 Occurs?

The error arises when My Document folder is set up on a shared network and you can not access it. Now let’s see how this error can be resolved in MS Outlook.

How do I fix error code 0x80070035 in Windows 10 and 7 manually?

Follow the below steps to solve Outlook error code 0x80070035

  1. Close and exit your Outlook first.
  2. Navigate Registry editor and follow the below procedures:
  • For Windows 7: 
  1. Visit Start>>type regedit.exe in the search box>> hit Enter.
  • For Windows 8: 
  1. To open a ‘Run’ dialog box, hit Windows Key+R. Then type regedit.exe and then hit ‘OK’
  2. Go to the Registry Editor, locate and hit on the following subkey:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders

  1. Locate the ‘Personal’ in the value.
  2. Check the ‘Data Field’ whether it holds the route of an actual location or not. 
  3. If you are unable to verify, simply copy and paste the Windows Explorer path and check whether it will find your files or not. (Notice: Try to work on online mode).
  4. Double click on the ‘ Personal ‘ value if you can find your files.
  5. Now copy and paste your “My Documents folder path” in the ‘ Value Data ‘ box and press ‘ OK. ‘
  6. Notice: In the ‘ Value Data ‘ tab, you will see‘%USERPROFILE%\Documents’

  7. At last, exit the ‘Registry Editor’.

These are the steps that can be performed manually. But this is a very lengthy process. This error generally occurs due to corrupt PST files. It becomes a very difficult task to repair the PST file manually. Use PST Repair utility to quickly repair and recover corrupted PST files without any data loss. There is no file limitation for the PST file to be repaired. It becomes a very fast process when using this utility.


In this blog, we have discussed the Error Code 0x80070035 Windows 10 then reason for its occurrence. A manual way has been explained but as it is a very long process, a direct way also provided. It is recommended to use a professional way for better results.

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