Troubleshoot Outlook Error- Outlook Fails to Connect to Server

Many users are quitting MS Outlook because of its server connectivity problem. Although it has many distinctive features, sill it is hard to connect MS Outlook with the exchange server. Therefore ultimately MS Outlook fails to connect to server. As a result, the user is unable to view emails present on the server.

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Before you contact the team of an IT department, first of all, try the manual solutions which I am going to tell you in this article. There are some small points which you must keep in your mind before you connect to the server.

Fix Outlook Connectivity Problems

There are some manual methods you can try to fix Outlook Server Connectivity problems and after that you can easily re-connect Outlook to the server after applying the methods given below.

Disable Offline Mode

Sometimes the user works on MS Outlook in the offline mode. So first disable it and try to connect Outlook to the server. The steps are as follows:-

  • Open or Launch MS Outlook.
  • Go to the Send/Receive Tab.
  • On the top right corner Click on Work Offline button to disable it.

Once you start using MS Outlook in online mode then I think you can it with the server. If this trick fails then try another one.

Create Data File

MS Outlook mainly has two types of files that are OST and PST therefore any type of errors in these files leads to a connectivity problem. Try to re-connect by following the steps:-

  • Close MS Outlook Application.
  • Go to Start Menu and Open Control Panel.
  • Click on Mail icon.
  • In the new Window click on the Data Files button.
  • Search for the file with the same email address.
  • Now Click on Open File Location.
  • If your file is an OST file then Rename the extension to.OLD and if it is PST then leave it.
  • Close all the window and reopen MS Outlook.

MS Outlook will start rebuilding the files and the time depends on the number of files on which the work is done. Once the process completes a confirmation All Folders Are Up to Date will appear and you can see Connected To Microsoft Exchange message. Finally, you have resolved Outlook fails to connect to server error.

Note*- Don’t close MS Outlook in the middle of the process otherwise you might lose your data.

But wait, if you don’t have an OST file then you have to use the Inbox Repair Tool. It is very easy to run.

  • Open C Drive and then click on Program Files (X86).
  • In the search box type scanpst.exe.
  • Once you find the tool click on it and Run it.
  • Browse the OST or PST file from the saved location.
  • Click on the Start button to start the process.

Once the process completes the file with the errors will be displayed in front of you where you just have to repair those file and then try to connect to the server.

If the corruption is severe then you can repair the file using PST Recovery Software. You can download the trial version and easily recover PST files for free.

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Check Exchange Server Connection

You have to turn on logging on in MS Outlook.

  • Launch MS Outlook on your PC.
  • Go to the File tab and Click on Options.
  • Select the Advanced option.
  • Check the Enable Troubleshooting Logging option.
  • Click on OK Button to Confirm.
  • Restart MS Outlook Application.

Now, I suppose you are able to connect MS Outlook to the Exchange server. If not, then try the final method.

Repair MS Office Install

  • Open Control Panel on your system.
  • Go to Programs and Features.
  • Find the Microsoft Installation program.
  • Make a Right-Click on it and Select Change.
  • In the new Window Select Repair and Click on Continue.
  • After the completion of the process restart the system.

Finally, will be able to connect MS Outlook to Exchange Server.


Well, you know what to do when MS Outlook fails to connect to server. There are various method to fix this small problem. Check, whether you are working on an offline mode or online mode. If you are online then see whether your exchange server is connected to MS Outlook or not. If all goes well then I think you are able to connect MS Outlook to the Server. I hope you liked this article.

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