Easy Solution to Fix Corrupt SharePoint Database

Microsoft SharePoint Server is a highly popular database application used in businesses and large organizations. It provides a wide range of benefits to those who use it. but if the files gets corrupted then you require a SharePoint Server Recovery Software.

On the other hand, it may cause some serious issues for SharePoint users. Corruption is consistent in computer application, we all know this fact. Databases created in SharePoint are not immune to corruption.

We’ll discuss the most common reasons for corruption some techniques to fix corrupt SharePoint Database. Also, we’ll learn how to repair SharePoint database and perform SharePoint Database Server recovery. But first, let’s find out SharePoint benefits.

SharePoint Benefits

Microsoft SharePoint provides a plain and simple platform that increases productivity of your business. If you’re running any business or organization, you can easily control cost and reduce risk associated with IT through SharePoint program.

The primary function of SharePoint is to allow project teams to effectively access information and collaborate with each other. It has a wide range of key features which include Intranet Portals, Document & File Management, Social Networks, Websites, Extranets, Advanced Search Functionality, Increased Business Intelligence solutions, etc.

All these features help a company utilize data in a better way while cutting costs and never sacrificing on quality.

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Anything that has many advantages, it must have some disadvantages too. The entire data in SharePoint is saved in MDF file format, and we all know that no computer file is immune to corruption. Just like any other database file, SharePoint database is also highly prone to corruption and many other severe issues.

There are various error consequences which lead to SharePoint corruption but you can Fix Corrupt SharePoint Database.

Most common reasons for SharePoint corruption

  • SharePoint database becomes corrupt/damaged due to virus attack or Trojan infection.
  • The database is running and you try to make use of MDF files at the same, this may put the files at high risk and lead to corruption.
  • Sometimes the disk space is not available when the database is running, it may cause corruption.
  • Act of LOG files deletion can also lead to corruption in SharePoint database.
  • If you enter any wrong string to multi-client database with the user, you may face corruption.
  • Media corruption or storage media containing bad sectors is another common reason for SharePoint corruption.
  • If MDF database is running in “suspect” mode, this may cause corruption.

Whenever corruption takes place in SharePoint Server, it definitely causes a great deal of inconvenience. You face too much hassle to carry out your important operations. You can easily overcome this situation if you take regular backup of your SharePoint Server. You might be in danger if you don’t take regular backup. If the configuration database becomes unusable/invalid due to corruption, you must try manual trick given below.

How to restore Farm Configuration using Central Administrator?

In Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, there’s a feature to restore configuration database, so that you can restore Farm Configuration with ease. But in SharePoint Server 2007 and earlier versions, this feature is not available. In latest version 2013 and 2016, there’s no need to restore configuration database since it enables you to restore farm configuration directly. To repair SharePoint database by restoring farm configuration through Central Administrator, follow the steps given below:

  • Click to select Restore from a backup in Backup and Restore section.
  • Select Backup to Restore page on Restore from Backup screen and then select backup job. Hit Next.
  • Choose Component to Restore page from Restore from Backup and then select check box.
  • Now choose Restore Options page from Restore from Backup in Restore Component section.
  • In Restore Only Configuration Settings part, make sure that Restore content and configuration settings preference is selected.
  • Make a Click on Type of Restore preference in Restore Options section.
  • Click OK button to confirm this operation. Then click Start Restore option.

You can see the status of all SharePoint repair jobs.

Important note – Make sure you’re an active member of Farm Administrators group that runs the Central Administration. Permissions for sysadmin server role on database server (it contains all the databases) is mainly required. Make sure you’re having that permission.

SharePoint Server Recovery Software

If corruption is severe, the above manual trick may fail or not work as per your expectation. In such situation, you’re left with only one solution – SharePoint Database Server Recovery. It’s the utmost solution to Fix Corrupt SharePoint Database and to restore maximum possible data from it.

SysInfo Software provides SharePoint Server Recovery tool with free demo version. It provides you two recovery options: Complete Database Recovery or Document Recovery, you can choose any one as per your requirement. Via this software, you can restore your invaluable SharePoint data, including business critical documents, site content, and metadata. It can successfully repair MDF database of SharePoint Server, and save all the crucial database objects into new database file.

SharePoint Recovery Tool Free Demo

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