Any Difficulty in Managing Large PST Files in Outlook? Let’s Make it Easy.

For a corporate company, there are no defined numbers of emails received in a day. In the case of MS Outlook, all the emails are stored in a PST file format. The frequent recording of emails in the same PST file makes it oversized and large. Therefore managing large PST files in Outlook is necessary in order to avoid corruption and you don’t want to lose any of your crucial data.

When an oversized PST file gets corrupted then the user is unable to view calendars, contacts, emails, and other items of the PST files. The only way left is to repair the PST file and then reduce its size. But with proper attention and management, the user can easily segment the emails into different PST files. The formation of large PST only occurs due to the negligence of the user.

How to Deal with Oversized and Corrupt PST File

There are two different solutions for both the problem. The method of reducing a PST file size is different from the method of repairing a corrupt PST file.

Repair Oversized PST file

  • Inbox Repair Tool– If your PST file is corrupted then you can repair it by an inbuilt utility of MS Outlook known as Scanpst.exe. You just have to locate the tool first, as every version has a different location of this tool and then fix the corrupted PST file.

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  • PST Recovery Software- The inbox repair tool is only suitable for minor corruption. In the case of severe corruption, you must try a professional PST recovery software which will help you to restore all the items of the PST files into its original form, without any data loss.

Before repairing too large PST file, you must be aware of the level of corruption and in accordance with that choose the repairing method. This helps in managing large PST files in Outlook.

Reduce the Size of Large PST

It is easy to say that by reducing the size of PST file we can prevent corruption. But the question arises how can we reduce the PST file size? There are basically three methods to so:-

Split Oversized PST File

The first solution for reducing the file PST file size is to split them into multiple PST files. This technique will reduce the file size and you can easily view all the contents into segmented PST files on your PC. But you cannot split a PST file without a professional tool. You can try Split PST Software to split the large PST file and reduce the file size


Compact Large PST

The other way out to deal with too large PST files is to compress the file size. But I would suggest you that don’t try to compact PST manually because it can lead to the whole PST file corruption. You must go for a professional PST Compact tool. It will help you to reduce the file size of a PST file by compressing the file and maintaining the data integrity.


Remove Duplicates from PST File

Another reason for oversized PST file are the collection of unwanted duplicate emails in the PST file. Removing the duplicates one by one and managing large PST files is quite difficult and time taking.


So why don’t you remove the duplicates using a Duplicate Remover Tool? It will save a lot of time and energy. Once all the duplicates are removed, it will create some free space. Thus, your PST file size would decrease.

There are three major techniques through which you can reduce the PST file size and then prevent it from being getting corrupted. The Combine Cost of all the tree professional tools is $127 which is quite nominal. You can use them and decrease the PST file size.


Well, I have told you how you can repair a damaged and Oversized PST file and then reduce the size of it to prevent further corruption. For repairing a big PST file with severe corruption issues, you’ll definitely need a professional tool. But for reducing the size of the PST file you can either split, compress, or remove duplicates from the PST file. Once you know all these techniques then managing large PST files would be your cup of tea. I hope you liked this article.

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