How to Switch from Working Offline to Online Outlook

This blog explains the various steps to Switch from Working Offline to Online Outlook. This blog helps those users who want to move from offline mode to online in Outlook. Follow this article from top to bottom for more information.

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Why Change Outlook 2013 from working Offline to Online?

The Offline mode of Outlook 2013 turns off automated sending and receiving activities, enabling you to catch up on your old emails without an Internet connection. Getting back online usually takes just a second click of the “Work Offline” button. Even if you get disconnected unexpectedly due to network problems, toggling “Work Offline” on and off often fixes the issue. However, if you are regularly disconnected from an account at work, you may need to change the settings to prevent the timing of the connection between sending / receiving events.

Now, move ahead to know the manual steps to Switch from Working Offline to Online Outlook.

What to do if you are Offline?

  • If you are logged in, then there may be an issue with the mail server. To check the account by logging in. Check when mails can be send/receive. If the email server does not function then contact your administrator.
  • If you can send/receive emails but are frequently disconnected, this implies that you need to update the system. Or your account settings have some problems.

If still, you are able to connect then follow below steps-

  • Resetting the Work Offline Status: Select Work Offline and check your status.
  • Checking Updates: Start any Office app then go to File >> Account. Then click on Office Updates under the Product Information.
  • Make a New Profile: There is a risk of a fault in your current Outlook profile; hence we suggest that you create a new profile. For this, just go to File >> Account Settings >> Account Settings >> choose the Profile that to remove and hit on Remove.
  • Then for adding an account just go to File >> Add Account and follow the instructions.

How to Change from Working Offline to Online Outlook?

Steps for Outlook 2013

  1. Initially, open Outlook. Then click or double-click the Outlook app icon.
  2. You will see a “Working Offline” box on the lower-right side of the Outlook window.
  3. In the taskbar of Windows, a white “X” on a red circle on the Outlook app icon will appear.
  4. Hit the Send / Receive tab next. You can see a toolbar at the top of the window.
  5. Make sure that the Work Offline button is active. Then you will see the background of the button will be dark-grey.
  6. If the background isn’t dark-grey then your “Work Offline” isn’t enabled.
  7. Hit the Work Offline button. If the button still not in active mode then try clicking it twice. For active “Work Offline” mode and to disable it click twice before proceeding.
  8. Wait until the “Working Offline” message to disappear. After it disappears from the bottom-right side of the window, then Outlook becomes in online mode.

Manual Steps to switch from Working Offline to Online Outlook in Outlook 2010

    1. Initially, hit the Send / Receive tab>> Work Offline button.

send recive tab

    1. After press it, you can see the change in status in the Outlook status bar.

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So these are the manual solutions to move from offline to online in Outlook. But the main thing is that when you are working offline your Outlook OST files get corrupted. So to quickly get rid off of this situation using OST to PST Converter will help in converting the damaged OST files into Outlook PST file. Also, this utility maintains data integrity so you don’t have to panic.


We have provided a lot of information regarding the Work Offline. Also, to help the users we gave many manual ways to switch from Working Offline to Online Outlook. A quick solution also discussed for better results.

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