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In order to protect your data against data loss due to any reason, you must take backup regularly just like a smart computer user does. But sometimes you find yourself unable to open BKF file due to corruption. In such a situation, you can’t restore files from backup and you need to opt a professional recovery solution. In this post, we’ll talk about the top 5 BKF Repair tool available in the market. Also, we’ll compare them with one another and find the best one.

Computer data is really crucial for any individual or organization. You can reinstall an operating system and the applications if anything goes wrong with them. But it may be difficult or sometimes impossible to recreate the original data if you lose them. So it’s really very important to protect your data against unexpected data loss. And the best way to protect your data is to take backup in a regular manner.

No computer file is more important than a backup file, and this is a true fact. After all, it protects your invaluable data. But there’s a bitter truth you should be aware of. Just like any other computer file, a BKF file is prone to corruption. Corruption in a backup file is not less than a nightmare for any computer user. If you lose a file due to corruption or accidental deletion, you can use the backup file to restore it (if you’ve taken its backup). But how would you recover anything if the backup file is corrupt itself?

Choose Best BKF Recovery Software

There are many software vendors in the market which provide BKF Repair tool. When there are many options, choosing the best one is always challenging. Generally, users compare recovery tools by keeping different factors in their minds, such as

Recovery capability: If you have corrupt BKF files and you want to restore files from backup, you must use a 3rd party BKF recovery software. While choosing such a recovery solution, the very first thing that comes to your mind should be the “recovery capability” of the software. The recovery capability means how much data it can actually recover from the corrupt BKF files. Obviously, the BKF recovery software that recovers more data than any other tool should be preferred.

Features & functionalities: Next, you should definitely check the features and functionalities of the BKF Repair tool. The features of a software play an important role. You should choose the best BKF repair tool that offers you more features than other tools.

User-interface: Make sure the BKF Recovery software you choose should have an easy-to-use interface. If you’re a non-technical user and the user-interface of the software is not interactive, you might face difficulties while using it.

Price: And the most important factor is the price. Generally, when it comes to spending money on a software, users become little serious. If a BKF Repair tool provides you everything at the most affordable price, you should definitely choose it.

If you search “BKF repair tool” on Google, you’ll find a wide range of options is available in the market. I’m comparing top 5 BKF Repair tool below:

#1 BKF Repair Tool from SysInfoTools

Backup Exec BKF Repair Pro is the best BKF repair tool available in the market till date. The outstanding features and easy-to-use interface of this product have helped it achieve the #1 position. Also, the recovery rate is really impressive.

BKF repair tool from SysInfoTools


If we talk about the advantages, this is the best BKF Repair tool you can ever get. You’ll get a wide range of features:

  • It supports corrupt BKF files created by both Windows NTBackup utility as well as VERITAS Backup Exec.
  • It allows users to select multiple BKF files at a time to perform batch recovery.
  • Two recovery modes, i.e. Standard and Advanced with Heuristic scanning feature.
  • It’s the only BKF Repair tool that supports corrupt BKF files which are split into multiple parts.
  • The only BKF Recovery software that can recover maximum possible data from compressed BKF files.
  • Also, it can recover SQL databases from corrupt BKF files with ease.
  • The user-interface of this software is easy and highly interactive.
  • It’s highly compatible with all major versions of the Windows-based operating systems.


The price of this BKF Repair tool is not really affordable. You need to pay $399 for the licensed version.

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#2 Aryson BKF Repair Software

Aryson provides you the finest BKF Repair Software consistently. According to an extensive study, it’s one of the smartest and quickest ways to repair BKF file and to recover entire data in their original form without any data loss.


It can recover maximum passable data from the corrupted BKF files without any data loss. It gives you the exact clone of the original BKF files.

  • Windows NTBackup & Symantec Backup files can easily be recovered.
  • Support Windows Backup Recovery as well.
  • Three different Recovery modes (standard, Advance, and Deep modes) to restore/recover BKF files.
  • Located a particular file from scanned data using the Smart Search feature.
  • Tree Structure Preview is added to construct the folder hierarchy of restored/recovered BKF files.
  • Proficient in the preview of 200 different file formats.


It has all the features except one that the demo version does not allow user to save recovered file.

#3 BKF Recovery from Data Recovery Solutions

Data Recovery solution’s BKF Recovery Tool is smart and very easy to use. It can restore almost all of the corrupted data effortlessly.


These are the reasons why it is considered one of the best BKF recovery tools.

  • It is an advanced recovery tool for corrupted BKF files for Windows OS.
  • This tool is specifically designed to manage corruption from BKF files created by Windows NT-Backup utility.
  • It recovers maximum data from corrupt BKF files in their original format and saves them at the allocated location.
  • The advanced recovery tool deeply scans corrupt BKF files and fixes the major corruption in no time.
  • Smooth and easy to use interface.


It’s fast in recovery process but take some time to scan the corrupted BKF files at first.

#4 BKF Recovery Tool

BKF Recovery Tool for Windows OS is powerful software designed and developed entirely to recover data from corrupt BKF files. This tool is assembled with the recovery algorithm to restore maximum data from the corrupted file.


  • BKF file Repair Tool is developed to recover data created via Windows NT-Backup Utility.
  • The Key feature is, it can quickly scan large-sized corrupted BKF file i.e. more than 1TB file sizes.
  • Smart Scan utility for advanced users that performs half-done and entire BKF file recovery.
  • Snapshot feature saves and loads it for future use.
  • Smart Advanced Search trait that searches the .bkf files from users system.


Slow scanning process is the only drawback this tool posses.

#5 BKF Recovery Software

It is fully automatic Backup Recovery Software which is designed to resolve the inaccessible backup files formed using Windows utilities and help out users to recover entire data from corrupt or damaged BKF file fluently.


  • Compatible with all the versions of the Microsoft Windows Backup (BKF) files.
  • Entirely recover all the BKF files created using Windows NT-Backup and Backup Exec by Symantec.
  • Recovers files, folder structure and hard drive and files in BKF archive.
  • Can Repair BKF files as large as 1 TB (i.e. 1000 GB).
  • GUI is so easy and simple to follow which helps non-technical users.


Although it is a great tool for recovering corrupted BKF files but has a flaws, it hangs sometimes when recovering large file.

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