Why Yahoo Emails Disappeared from Inbox – The Best Solution

Yahoo email is free software with many features like alerts/notifications, archiving & retention, email monitoring, email tracking, inbox management, etc. It has built a user’s trust, as it has been serving them for many years. Yahoo does not only provide Yahoo mail, Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo! native, etc. But for some time, users have been facing the problem of Yahoo emails disappearing from their inboxes. So, they can use Sysinfo Yahoo Backup Tool to backup Yahoo emails. There can be various reasons why Yahoo emails disappeared from inbox; some are mentioned below.

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Reasons behind Yahoo Emails not Showing in Inbox

  • It can be possible that files got deleted accidentally from you only.
  • Internet Connection not working could be another reason for the arising issue.
  • Hacker’s attack could be a possible reason that someone has gained access to your data and has deleted it.
  • Insufficient Storage Space could be another reason that emails are not showing.
  • Forwarded to another email account: Yahoo is an IMAP client, so there are possibilities that you’ve set up an additional email account to receive your emails.

These are some common reasons why Yahoo mail does not show all emails. Now let’s look up the methods to overcome this issue.

Methods to Fix Why Yahoo emails disappeared from inbox

The solution depends on the reason why they get deleted. For example, due to incorrect configuration, unstable internet connection, etc. . You can restore the emails using the below-mentioned methods.

Method1: Restore Yahoo Email into Inbox Using Spam Folder

1. Firstly, log in to your Yahoo mail account.

2. Now go to the Spam folder.

3. And select emails.

4. Finally, Click on the “Not Spam” option.

You can use this method to resolve Yahoo emails disappeared from inbox. However, if you cannot recover them or they are not in the spam folder, go ahead with another method mentioned.

Method 2: Recover Deleted Emails Yahoo Using Deleted Folder

1. Login to your account.

2. Now, go to the Trash folder.
Yahoo emails disappeared from inbox

3. Select the emails you want to return to your inbox.

4. Finally, click on the “Restore to Inbox” option.
Yahoo emails disappeared from inbox

Note:- Deleted Emails will stay in the trash folder for 7 days only. If you cannot find your emails here, try another method.

Method 3: Deleted Email from Yahoo Mail Using Yahoo Help Centre

1. Go to the Yahoo Help center.

2. Click on the Mail at the top.

3. Click on the “Recover lost or Deleted emails” option.

4. Now, click the “Send a Restore Request” option.
Yahoo emails disappeared from inbox

5. Finally, provide the asked details and wait for the response. This method can take a long time as the user will have to wait after filling out the response. Till then, they can check other methods as mentioned below.

Method 4: Check Yahoo Email Settings

While using Yahoo email on third parties, ensure you have updated Yahoo email account settings to receive email without any error.

Incoming Mail (IMAP) server

Server- imap.mail.yahoo.com

Port- 993

Requires SSL- Yes

Outgoing Mail(SMTP) server

Outgoing Mail (POP) server

Server- smtp.mail.yahoo.com

Port- 465 or 587

Requires SSL- Yes

Required Authentication- Yes

Your Login info

Email address-Your full email address

Password- Generate App Password

Required Authentication- Yes

Make sure you have these settings in the way shown above. Now the last thing you can check is your internet connection.

Method 5: Recover Yahoo Emails by Fixing Internet Issues

Sign out, then sign back in. You may lose your connection to your account if you use the Yahoo Mail mobile application on android. Logging out and then back in can help you establish the connection. If none of the techniques are working, then the user can go for this technique.

Best Solution to Overcome Yahoo Emails Disappeared from Inbox Issue

After trying all of the methods mentioned above, if you are still unable to find the answer to the question “how to get deleted emails back.” Then it is hard to recover them using the Manual Method. Instead, you can use the Sysinfo Yahoo Backup Tool to back them up so that you never lose your data in the future.

The tool allows you to back up Yahoo emails into 15+ file formats and export Yahoo mailboxes to other email clients. It also includes other benefits like freeing up server space, a mail filter option, etc. . Here are the steps to start using the tool.

Steps to Backup Yahoo Mails Using Professional Tool

1. Launch the installed software and Sign In with the requested credentials.

2. Tick the folders that you want to export and click Next.

3. Select Outlook PST as a saving option from the drop-down list.

4. Apply the desired filter options.

5. Locate the resultant folder name and destination path.

6. The Yahoo mailbox backup into PST will get started and completed instantly.

7. Save the backup details report by clicking on the Download Report button.

If you are having the same issue in Gmail, you can read this another blog to fix email not showing up in Gmail issue.


In this article, we have written down various methods to recover Yahoo emails that disappeared from inboxes. Users can choose the method according to their requirements. And if no solution is working, then you can go for professional software to back up the email to avoid losing precious mail in the future.

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