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Yahoo Mail is one of the leading email service providers that bags the trust of more than 225 million users. Also, it serves you not only in the field of email domain and Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Messengers, Yahoo Shopping, Yahoo Chats, Yahoo Lifestyle, Yahoo Business, Yahoo Groups, Yahoo Finance, etc. However, besides providing all these services, sometimes Yahoo faced the problem of Yahoo mail not working on computer, Yahoo not loading, Yahoo Mail not working properly, etc. Thus, users who face this issue are looking for a solution to Yahoo mail problems and how to fix Yahoo email accounts. Although to save data from these risks, you can back up your Yahoo mailbox data into a computer locally using the Sysinfo Yahoo Backup Tool.


Reasons that may persist Yahoo mail problems

You might wonder and be eager to search for the answer, Why is my Yahoo mail not working? So, here are some of the reasons that may be responsible for not getting emails from Yahoo.

  • Not using Yahoo Compatible Browser.
  • The browser is not updated or does not support Yahoo.
  • Slow internet connection speed.
  • I did not enter the proper email address.
  • Spam folder and filters, Sometimes, we have to check any unnecessary filters due to this problem.
  • Check the blocked addresses list to make sure that the sender’s email didn’t get blocked.
  • Enables Ad Blocked Software.
  • The password is not updated.

These factors may be responsible for Yahoo mail not working on computer. So now, let’s look at the methods to fix Yahoo mail is not opening.

Some ways to get rid of the problem of Yahoo not loading

Although we know that Yahoo holds the trust of millions of its users, so to solve Yahoo mail technical issues should come on our priority list. Here are some ways by which you can fix the problem of Yahoo mail not working on computer. So let’s get started to repair the issue.

1. Update the latest version of Yahoo-supported Browser

Sometimes, we have observed that the Yahoo-compatible software is not updated, due to which Yahoo mail is not opening. So it’s better to update the software that supports Yahoo.

2. Check Yahoo POP or IMAP Setting

Often, your Yahoo mail is not working on computer in this case, so you should check your account’s IMAP or POP settings, as these are responsible for sending and receiving messages. So, check the setting; sometimes, we have made changes earlier in our account. So, you can check the setting of your account and make sure to authenticate it.

3. Use the updated Yahoo Version.

Most of the time, we use Yahoo but forget to update it. So we feel that we don’t need to update it. However, it may be one of the reasons for Yahoo mail not working on computer. So it is advised to use the updated Yahoo.

4. Disable the antivirus

Sometimes, it has been observed that Yahoo fails to show its compatibility to synchronize with the antivirus. That may result in Yahoo mail working. In this case, we can disable our antivirus and then try to start Yahoo again.

5. Enter the Correct Credentials

As this is one of the lagging points of Yahoo that it does not show the auto options, and we have entered the wrong credentials; sometimes, we have entered the wrong spelling or not entered the correct email address. So we have to manually enter details by email or password with a careful approach.

6. Deactivate then Activate the account.

Updated technology is trending, so most people frequently change their phones or PCs. And when trying to open their Yahoo account, their account is not properly executed, and their Yahoo mail is not working on computer. In this case, we suggest you deactivate your account and then activate it again. And enter your credentials as login Id and password carefully.

An Alternate Solution to Overcome Yahoo Mail Not Working Issue

It is always advisable to keep a backup of your data, whether it is of your mail, photos, drive, contacts, or anything. Because having a backup assures you that your data is safe and you can retrieve it any time in case you encounter any mishap that may harm your data. In this case, Sysinfo Yahoo Backup Tool helps you to protect your data and offers you to save it in multiple file formats and email clients. And you can also store it on your PC or hard drive. It operates with simple steps. Follow the steps for execution.

1. Launch the software as an administrator.

2. Fill in the required credentials.
Yahoo mail not working on computer

3. Select the files and folders that you want to save and click Next.

4. Now, select the file format in which you want to save the mailbox data. Yahoo mail not working on computer

5. Opt for different features as per requirements like:

  • Remove duplicate files: It helps your files to make their replica copy so that a mess is not created after downloading the output folder.
  • Maintain Folder Hierarchy: This feature helps you retain your folder hierarchy according to your original folder.
  • Free up Server Space: This feature keeps your server space free by deleting the emails after downloading.
  • Skip Previously Migrated Items: This software automatically skips your emails and data that you have already backed up.
  • Set Backup Schedules: This software helps you when you were completely focused on your work and you forgot to back up your data. This software comes with the feature to Set Backup Schedules. As per your convenient date or time, You can set a schedule to back up your folders.

6. After selecting all these features as per your requirement, You can enable Mail Filter where you can take a backup of your data within a specified date range. Yahoo mail not working on computer

7. Now, assign a name for your Output Folder, and click Path To Save Button.

8. Your data starts downloading when you click the Convert button. Yahoo mail technical issues

9. Finally, reach to your selected destination to preview your output file. Yahoo mail not working on computer


In this blog, we have discussed factors responsible for Yahoo mail not working on computer and some measures to fix a Yahoo email account. A few of them can be done by changing the settings in your account. While in a few cases, some technical assistance can help you to get rid of your problem. Where you can not assure about the manual approaches, on the other hand, you can leave all your worries to a technical partner. That can perform its task, so your problem will be solved without any data loss.

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