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Yandex Mail is a free email service that allows you to store an infinite number of messages online. It is one of the best alternatives to Gmail because of its great features like message templates, reminders, e-cards, and keyboard shortcuts with a built-in translator. And when it comes to protecting all of your data on your system, Yandex mail backup software plays a critical role here.

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In situations like if you unexpectedly lose data or you have lost access to your account, it is usually a good practice to back up your email. And we will show the method for the same in this blog. Before moving on to the process of Yandex mail backup, let us take a look at the reasons behind why it is an important task.

Why Do We Need to Have a Backup Tool?

Backing up all Yandex emails is a must if you want to avoid difficulties like data loss or alteration, as you may have some important data of your organization, business, personal, etc.
Continue reading the blog to know how to download Yandex mail backup software and take a backup of your Yandex emails with step-by-step procedure.

Step By Step Guide to Download Backup Software for Yandex Mail

Sysinfo Yandex Backup Software is a secure Yandex backup tool that allows you to back up all your emails into many different file formats with ease of use. It also permits you to migrate your Yandex emails into other email clients such as Gmail, Zoho mail, Yahoo mail, etc. Follow up the below-mentioned steps:

  • From the link given above, download and launch the software on your computer.
  • Now you will get the below-shown interface on your screen.interface
    BUY: Click this to purchase the software.
    ACTIVATE: Hit the button to activate the software if you have already purchased it.
    TRY DEMO: Click on this to test its capability by yourself, backing up or migrating 50 emails for free.
    LIVE CHAT: Assistance regarding your questions related to the software.
  • Press the TRY DEMO button and here login to the software by entering your Yandex email id and the Third-Party app password. You can select the path for log and temporary files also.
    Note: You can click on the below link to generate the Third-Party app password if you haven’t yet.
  • signingNow after logging in, you can view all the email folders of the Yandex account. Choose the folder/folders as per your need. And Click on Next.hit next
  • Choose the file format accordingly from the given drop-down menu for Saves/Backup/Migrate as.
  • select format
  • Keep opting for the below options as per your requirement from the Yandex mail backup software tool.
  1. Remove Duplicate Mail On Basis of To, From, Select, Bcc, Body: Click on this to remove Duplicate mails.
  2. Maintain Folder Hierarchy: select this to have a backup of Yandex emails maintaining the hierarchy of the folders.
  3. Save PDF Attachment Separately: Opt this to save the PDF attachment separately.
  4. Convert PDF Attachments to PDF Format: If you want to convert PDF attachment to PDF format, press this.
  5. Free Up Server Space: After taking a backup, select this option to delete emails from the Yandex server.
  6. Skip Previously Migrated Item: To exclude previously backup emails from selected Yandex folders, check this box.
  7. Migrate or Backup Emails Without Attachment Files: Select box Migrate or backup without attachments files to backup only the emails without attachments.
  8. Set Backup Schedule: Set the schedule of the backup accordingly by clicking this option.
  9. set backup schedule
  10. Mail Filter: Choose the option Mail Filter to have the backup entering the start and end date.
  11. set date filter
  12. Custom Folder Name: Click this to give a custom folder name.
  13. custom folder name
  14. Naming Convention: Opt for any one option from the drop-down menu as you want.
  • Select the location for your backup files by clicking on Path To Save, and click Convert to start the process.
  • Wait until the process gets done. Click on Download Report if you want to have the report downloaded to your PC. Hit the button Convert Again to continue the process.
  • You are now done with the process to take backup of Yandex emails using Yandex mail backup software. All the emails will be saved in the selected location on your computer soon.

Features of This Yandex Email Backup Tool

Sysinfo Yandex Backup Software is an effective solution for transferring, importing, saving, backing up, and downloading emails from Yandex accounts. And some great features of this are as follows:

  • It imports Yandex Mail emails into various file formats and email clients.
  • You can export Yandex emails to PDF, PST, EML, OST, CSV, HTML, and other file formats and migrate email to Gmail, Zoho Mail, HostGator Email, Yahoo Mail, Godaddy Email, and other email clients.
  • It removes duplicate emails from the selected Yandex mailbox.
  • Allows you to convert Yandex emails between two dates (start and end) using the Mail Filter option.
  • It maintains folder hierarchy during the Yandex email backup process.
  • After taking a backup, the Free up server space option erases emails from the Yandex server.
  • It has a function that excludes emails that are already there to the backup folder.
  • You can customize the backup schedule for your Yandex emails.
  • To type and pick the name and saving format for the newly generated folder, you can go to Custom Folder Name & Naming Convention.
  • Users can backup and import 50 emails per folder with the free Yandex Backup Tool.

These were the features that make the backup process so much easier. All you have to do is follow the above steps one by one according to your requirement, and the backup process is complete.

Summing Up

We have now seen how important it is to have a backup of Yandex mails to overcome the problems like data alteration, loss, etc. And to download Yandex mail backup software, follow up the process mentioned above and you are done in just a few steps. Furthermore, the unique features it has, make it even easier.

Thank you for reading the article. I hope it was helpful in the Yandex mail software download process. Keep following us for more such solutions.

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