How to Convert Yahoo Mail to Gmail in 8 Steps

Yahoo to Gmail Migration is a tedious task these days and many users are still hunting for its solution. Therefore you can see the techniques to convert Yahoo Mail to Gmail in just eight simple steps. But for doing so you’ll need a third party software which would easily transfer Yahoo Mails to Gmail.

8 Steps for Yahoo to Gmail Conversion

  • Download and Launch Sysinfo Yahoo Backup Tool.

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  • Enter the Email Address and Password of your Yahoo Account.
  • Then, Select the Email Format as Gmail and Click on Next.
  • Select the Files and Folders which you want to Export to Gmail.
  • Choose Delete after Download option to Remove emails from your Yahoo Account.
  • Enter the Gmail Credentials and Log in.
  • In a Few Minutes, you’ll receive a Confirmation Message of Conversion.
  • Now, Login into Gmail and view Yahoo Mails.

Finally, you have exported all Yahoo Mail to Gmail.

Is there any way out to Convert Yahoo to Gmail Manually?

Many users have this question in their minds but I want to tell them that there is a way out to do this task manually but is complex and it will need a lot of technical expertise. You can use POP or IMAP settings to move Yahoo emails to Gmail but there are chances of data loss.

Basically, I have told you a shortcut which is above all the manual techniques of conversion. So, in order to make the conversion easier for you, I have only discussed the shortcut method which is just the eight steps technique.

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Need of Yahoo Mail to Gmail Migration

Now, you know the techniques to exports emails from a Yahoo account to Gmail but I suppose you must be unaware of the needs of migrating from Yahoo to Gmail.

  • Fewer Features– In the recent five years, many users have shifted from Yahoo Mail to Gmail just because of the lack of features. Gmail is embedded with many latest features which are not present in Yahoo Mail.
  • Extra Services– Gmail Application provides extra space for storing emails, contact, and other items which is comparatively more than any other email client. Even if we compare Yahoo Mail to Gmail in terms of Server space, Gmail stands tall in every aspect.
  • Simple Interface– Sometimes it becomes difficult for the user to use the complicated features of Yahoo Mail, therefore, they move to Gmail Client because its GUI is simple and a new user can easily access it and the need to convert Yahoo Mail to Gmail arises.

There are many more reasons related to this topic but I have only discussed the major ones. I think one the reason fits into your situation and that is why you are shifting from Yahoo Mail to Gmail. Now, you know the master tactics for the conversion and you can try it with your Yahoo Emails which is Yahoo Backup Tool.


I hope this article has helped you in resolving the issues related to Yahoo to Gmail migration. If you’ll search for the manual technique of conversion, you may find it but I would suggest you avoid it as the risk of data loss is maximum. The ball is in your court and it is up to you to decide whether you want to take an easy shortcut or go with the lengthy manual process.

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