Top Methods to Convert From CDR to PDF Format – Quick Guide

Summary – All of us know that the CorelDRAW application is the foremost tool for Graphic Designers. From it, they can easily design logos, print objects, or web graphics. Moreover, most users wish to convert from CDR to PDF due to its various functions. In this upcoming blog, we are going to learn about how to save CorelDRAW file as PDF with various techniques. In addition, if you don’t want to do hard work while performing the manual method, you can easily go with Sysinfo CDR File Converter.

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CDR is a file format of CorelDRAW. It provides a vector file image that can contain images, text, effects, objects, shapes, and many more. Users can straightforwardly use it for creating banners, flyers, letters, etc. On the other hand, PDF is a file format of a Portable Document that can contain raster and vector digital text, images, etc. In addition, it has various features that make it outstanding for printing and transferring documents.

Why Users are Required to Export CDR to PDF?

As mentioned above, PDF has various features that make it outstanding for printing and transferring documents. In this part, we are going to discuss the advantages of PDF.

  • PDF files can easily access document format anywhere. As compared CDR files do not open without the CorelDRAW application.
  • The PDF file format permits users to integrate numerous types of content such as images, text, videos, vector graphics, animations, 3D models, audio files, interactive fields, buttons, and hyperlinks.
  • Users can easily take advantage of setting up passwords, watermarks, or digital signatures while using this file format.

Therefore, users require to convert from CDR to PDF file formats.

How to Save CorelDRAW File as PDF In Numerous Ways?

In this section, we are going to perform various methods such as manual methods and professional methods. In the manual method, you have to perform various steps and on the other hand, in the professional method, you use a direct third-party tool.

  1. How to Export PDF from CorelDRAW
  2. Open CDR file without CorelDRAW by using InkSpace
  3. Third-party Software to open CDR file

Let’s get started with the first manual method.

Method 1: Convert From CDR to PDF by Using CorelDRAW

  • First, Launch and open your CDR file in CorelDRAW on your local system.
  • Select Save as an option in the File menu.
  • After that, hit on the Save button. Your current file is saved as a PDF.
  • Now, you can easily change location and name, If needed.

You can straightforwardly see that we have successfully completed the first manual method of Corel draw viewer online to convert into PDF File format. Further, we will discuss another manual method.

Method 2: How to Save CorelDRAW File as PDF Through InkSpaces?

Inkscape is an outstanding application for Graphics designers. This app can easily help user to convert from CDR to PDF format in a few steps:

  • First, install and run Inkscape.
  • After that, choose a file of CDR in Inkspace.
  • Then, Go to the File menu, and click on Save As option.
  • Click on a file name, and destination, and write. Click on the Save button for proceeding with the steps.
  • In the end, click on the OK button.

You can easily see your file will be ready in PDF File format in a few minutes.

Failures While Performing the Manual Method

  • The manual method seems to be very complex as well as time-consuming.
  • Every user technical as well as non-technical users have to face so many challenges while performing this method.
  • This requires a basic piece of knowledge of CorelDRAW and InkSpace.

You have seen that every manual method has some disadvantages. If you don’t want to face any obstacles while doing the manual method, you can directly go with the professional method.

Method 3: Convert from CDR to PDF File Format With an Efficient Tool

Sysinfo CDR to PDF Converter is a versatile and comprehensive tool that is suggested by experts and IT Professionals. Users can easily use Corel draw viewer online. This utility can add files of CDR in Bulk, that you want to migrate into PDF File format. Let’s discuss this efficient tool’s working further.

Working on CDR Converter Software to Open CDR File

  • First, Launch and run the Software on a PC or Laptop.
  • Click on Add File/Add Folder to add a CDR file.convert from cdr to pdf
  • After that, you can easily preview your file.
  • Hit on the Next button and make sure to choose the file format as PDF.
  • Set the location path where you want to save your converted CDR File.convert from cdr to pdf
  • In the end, Hit on the Convert button.convert from cdr to pdf

Final Words

In this post, we discussed different techniques – manual and professional methods to convert from CDR to PDF. Sometimes, the manual method may not work. So, everyone prefers to use the direct method. In the end, I just want to say go with that method where you feel comfortable. If you are facing a problem Yahoo emails disappeared from inbox, then you can read this other blog.

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