Easy Techniques to Convert PST to PDF with Attachments

It is quite difficult to view PST file without MS Outlook since PST files are only accessible on MS Outlook. But there is a way out to this problem that the user can convert PST to PDF with attachments and save that PDF file wherever he wants to save.

It sounds easy to convert PST file to PDF but when you try to execute it then it is strenuous. You cannot change a file in PST format to PDF without using a third-party tool. There are many manual techniques to do so but I would suggest you not to try them as they don’t execute PST to PDF conversion with all the attachments. It always happens that some contents went missing after the completion of the conversion process.

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So the only option left is to try a third party professional tool. But before you go for a third party professional tool, you must see all the features that a tool possesses because some tools are not embedded with all the features.

Features to Inspect before you Buy PST to PDF Converter

Adds Multiple File- The software must have the feature that it can add multiple PST files in a single attempt only and convert them into PDF format together. This feature will save a lot of time and energy of the user and results in quick PST conversion.

Accuracy in Conversion- Before you purchase the software you must see whether the tool is converting all the files accurately or not because some software does not perform full PST file conversion. Download the demo version of the tool and check its authenticity.

Converts all attachments- Emails conversion is not the only task to be performed by the software but it must also convert all the attachments of the PST files to PDF. Attachments like images, documents, and hyperlinks must also be converted.

Have User-Friendly GUI– It is one of the important features of the tool. Before you convert PST to PDF with attachments you must need an operable GUI which would help you to run the tool. If the GUI is complex then it would be difficult for you to run the software although it possesses all the features.

Free PST Conversion– Some software provides free PST conversion so you must check by downloading the demo version whether it gives the facility of free conversion or not. This task is mandatory because it reveals the true performance of the tool before buying the tool.

Technical Support- Now, you must see whether the seller is providing you the after sales support or not because the user often gets confused between so many features in the tool. It is always recommended to go for a software which provides excellent after sale service.

It is very difficult to find software with so many features. But you can try Sysinfo PST Converter as I have read good technical reviews about it. Many users have appraised their performance and quick conversion ability. Let us see how it works.

Steps to Convert PST to PDF with Attachments

  • Download PST Converter and Click on Add Files button to add PST file.
  • Select Save as Other Formats option and then click on the Convert button.
  • In the Choose Output option select PDF file.
  • Apply the Date Range filter to convert PST files on the basis of dates and Click on Apply.
  •  The Saving process starts and after the completion of it, you will receive a Confirmation message.

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Well, you can see how easy it is to migrate from a PST file to PDF file with all the attachments. If you want to know more you can visit the official website of Sysinfotools and know more about the tool.

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Finally, it is up to you to take your decision and purchase professional software. I hope my article proved informative to you and you have resolved your query. If you want to export PST file directly to any webmail client that you can also do so with the help of this tool.

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