Easiest Solution To Import PST File Into Live Exchange

Are you frustrated with your Outlook PST files and want to move them to the Live Exchange Server? Then, don’t be so annoyed, just look at this page and find your solution in a couple of minutes. Here, you get to know various distinct methods to import PST file into Live Exchange. Further, a reliable utility named Sysinfo PST Converter is used for importing PST files into Exchange, and then their methods. So, let’s start with some of the main reasons why you have to transfer PST files into Exchange Server.

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Reasons for Importing PST file into Live Exchange

In certain instances, PST files are being used as a method to escape quotas in the mailbox. If any user then wishes to get more messages than quota limits, they can conveniently transfer additional messages to the Outlook PST file, as they are not under the hands of the administrator.

The main problem with PST files from Outlook is that they are stored on local hard drives of the user and often never backed up. In reality, while PST files can be put on the shared network, doing just that breaches the policies of Microsoft and, more significantly, raises the likelihood of fraud in data.

A further notable problem with allowing PST files is that their use can result in security breaches.

In circumstances where users save their messages in their local PST files, someone with direct access to the user’s device can transfer all PST files on removable media with ease. Although it is completely accurate that privacy issues can be reduced by easy steps like encrypting the hard drives of the workstation whereas many companies do not have such precautionary measures.

This is why due to security risks, PST files need to be imported into Live Exchange. Now, let’s check out distinct methods for it.

A Quick method to Import PST file into Live Exchange Manually:

Follow the below methods for it as follows:

  • First, download and launch the Sysinfo PST Converter Software.
  • Hit the Add Files button.
  • Pick the PST file to import and then hit the Open button.
  • Pick any modes from two PST modes: multiple mode and single mode.
  • Then select “Save as Other Formats“.
  • From the folder pick the PST file and tap the Convert button.
  • In the choose Output Option, pick any of the formats of your choice i.e. save as Live Exchange, and then press the Apply button.
  • Now, enter the exchange account credentials and hit the Login button.
  • You can see the PST file imported into the Live exchange successfully.

Sysinfo PST Converter is the method that allows the transfer of PST files to other file formats such as MBOX, TXT, PDF, HTML, and so on. It also assists in importing PST files into Live Exchange without making any changes to the original file data. Furthermore, users can convert PST to PDF with attachments with the help of this PST converter. It offers mass conversion of PST files which, in turn, reduces the amount of time required to import important files to other email clients. Some of the important features of it as follows:

  1. Transfer PST emails to Thunderbird, Gmail, IMAP, Hotmail, Yahoo, & Zimbra easily.
  2. Move PST to PDF, TXT, MSG, MBOX, HTML, EMLX, MHTML, etc. file formats swiftly without any changes.
  3. Carries out the batch conversion of PST files to save time and effort.
  4. Allows PST file as MBOX file and break a file of more than 500 MB into small chunks of MBOX
  5. Import Outlook PST to Gmail, Yahoo, Thunderbird, IMAP, Hotmail, Zimbra, etc
  6. Easiest and simplest GUI which makes it easy to handle the tool
  7. Allow uploading or importing PST files into Live Exchange easily


Here are the reasons for moving PST files to Live Exchange explained. Also, a quick method to import PST File into Live Exchange is provided in this guide. I hope, you find this guide beneficial and knowledgeable.

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