Download Photos From Google Drive Directly to The External Hard Drive

Are you looking for an answer to this question- “how to download photos from google drive directly to the hard drive”? Then it’s time to take a deep breath of comfort because you landed on the right page. Now you are getting all the possible ways through which you will be able to migrate all your google drive photos to the external drive which are connect to your PC. 

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When you are trying to download google drive photos then you see yourself that these photos always download in the ZIP file format. So the question arises, “Are we still able to download all the photos of the google drive directly to the hard drive”. So the answer to this question is “No” we can’t because there is not any direct method as such. So, we have to take the help of other indirect methods to download google photos.

How to download Google photos to a hard drive?

To download all the photos from the google drive, just follow the steps given below:-

  • Open your browser.
  • Type google photos there.
  • From here, select all the photos which you want to transfer.
  • Then click on the 3 dots present on the right-hand side.
  • Hit on the download button. This will download all your google photos on the download folder in the ZIP file format.
  • Right-click on the zip folder and click on the Copy option.
  • Go to the external drive folder in which you want to transfer your photos.
  • Do right click on that ZIP folder and then hit on the paste option.
  • Right-click on the zip folder and then hit on the unzip option.

Now all your google drive photos are moved to the external drive folder in which you want to save them.

Downloading All Files from Google Drive

The method to download all the files from Google Drive is basically the same. The files can be present in different folders, you just need to follow the below steps:

  1. Firstly, open Google Drive, all the files that are present on your drive will be displayed.
  2. Then, choose all files that you wish to download and then click on the (…) icon. You will see several options on the screen.
  3. uploads
  4. Now, click on the Download option and the files will be automatically downloaded to your PC.
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  6. You can also select the Make Available Offline option to start the download process. To save the files on your system.

Note: The above-mentioned method is the same for downloading photos, videos, music files, documents, or zip files. A message will pop up where the drive says that it can’t scan for the virus in the file. You have to opt for the Download Anyway option. After that, files will be downloaded to your device.

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An alternate way to Download Google Photos to the external Hard Drive

What to do if the above method fails? Well, in such a situation, you can opt for the Gmail backup tool. It provides the facility to download and export data items from Gmail account like Google Drive data to the computer, external hard drives, USB drive, etc. The utility facilitates it’s users to backup Google Docs, Spreadsheets,  Slides, and Images.

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Final Thoughts 

Now, in this technical blog, we have discussed how to transfer Google drive photos to the external drive. Also, we got to know the answer “can we able to take the backup of our google photos directly to the external hard drive or not”. If we have to take backup only in our external hard drive then we can use the method that is recommended in this blog.

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