Easy Tips to Export Hotmail Emails to Hard Drive

Summary:- Hotmail is a free web-based email client managed by Microsoft. It allows users to manage their data from anywhere and anytime. Also, it includes a free chatting option that helps users to send files of up to 10MB per message; and due to these efficient advantages, many users claim that Outlook.com is the best email managing solution globally. However, it has always remained at the forefront of webmail services. Still, users experienced various ups and downs with an email client, such as being susceptible to hacking incidents, loss of entire Hotmail data, and cyber-crime attacks.

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Therefore, saving a copy of all Hotmail mailbox data is the user’s requirement. This technical blog will describe the different easy tips to export Hotmail emails to Hard drive. For managing the bulk of Hotmail data, you can also go through with SysInfo Hotmail Backup Tool that allows users to download and save Hotmail emails locally.

Why Need to Download Hotmail Emails to Hard Drive?

Hotmail ( known as Outlook.com) It is functioning as an Outlook.com email client and provides unlimited storage space to its users to manage data like calendar, contacts, Ajax, and close integration with OneDrive, Office Online, and Skype. Whether in terms of security, Hotmail is the most secure emailing service available. While there isn’t end-to-end encryption on your emails, sometimes users may face loss of data or vulnerabilities attack. Thus it is advised to all just manage your email on Hotmail but store the same into the local drive to protect your email from the hacker. Some major causes of Export Hotmail emails to Hard drives are:

  • Suppose a user accidentally deleted any of your Hotmail emails, then he won’t be able to recover them.
  • As Hotmail is a web-based email client, there is always a chance of being hacked easily, and also the data can be misused.
  • Sometimes, there is a need to switch from one email client to another.
  • Suppose you do not back up your data, then you might lose your data.

How to Save Hotmail Emails to Hard Drive?

Unfortunately, there is no direct solution to export Hotmail emails to hard drives as Microsoft doesn’t provide any proper solutions. Still, by performing the step-by-step guide, one can back up their Hotmail email messages on the local system. Follow the steps to backup Hotmail emails to hard drives freely:

  1. Open Outlook.com on your browser and get logged in with the required credentials.
  2. Now, open an email that you want to take a backup.
  3. Click on the Under message’s header area; you will find the down arrow next to Reply.
  4. Here you have to choose the View message source option.
  5. Or, you can Right-click on the context menu that appears and select the View message source option.
  6. After the opening of the source code on your browse, perform the steps given below:
  • In Windows:- Click the Ctrl+A key to highlight the entire text, and afterward, click Ctrl+C to copy the highlighted code.
  • In Mac:- Click the Command +A key, followed by the Command+C key to select and copy the message source on the Mac OS platform.

Follow the steps if the browser provides you with a direct option to download the email source code in EML format:

  • Go to File and opt for the Save As in the email message source tab.
  • Now, name the File with your desired name and followed by a .eml extension(eg-message1.eml).
  • The browsers only permit users to save into .html or .htm extensions.
  • Thus, double-check the file extension. EML type and click Continue and save the message file to any location on your hard drive.

Follow the steps If the browser does not allow saving in EML file format:

  1. After copying the message source code, start any plain text editor such as a Notepad application.
  2. Here, create a new text document.
  3. Click the Ctrl+V key on Windows or Command+V if you are a user of the Mac system.
  4. After that, save the text document with the .eml extension on your hard drive(Eg:- message1.eml).

Limitation of the Manual Methods

  1. Users cannot directly save Hotmail email as PDF.
  2. The process is time-consuming.
  3. There is no security of data.
  4. Technical one can quickly perform the working steps.
  5. Also, you may or may not backup Hotmail in the EML format.

An Expert Solution to Export Hotmail Emails to Hard Drive

SysInfo Hotmail Backup Tool is a highly-tested and reliable utility to save, backup, or download Hotmail emails into a local drive. The software allows one to backup single and multiple mailbox folders into the computer in different file formats like PST, PDF, EML, CSV, MBOX, etc. Steps to Export Hotmail emails to Hard Drive

    • Start the SysInfo Hotmail Backup Tool as administrator.

run hotmail backup tool

    • Sign in with a Hotmail id and third-party app password.

enter third party app password

    • Check the folders in the preview panel and click Next.

check folder

    • Select the file format as PST, PDF, or EML from the drop-down.

select file format

    • Use the built-in features of the software panel.

try builtin features

    • Choose the saving location for the output folder.
    • Click the Convert button to download Hotmail emails.

click convert

    • Here, you can also download the conversion report.

download report


Downloading Hotmail emails into the local drives is a basic requirement of Microsoft users to overcome data loss chances. We understood the best tips to Export Hotmail emails to Hard Drive, whether manually or professionally, through this blog. You can also use the demo version of the software to analyze the work and performance of the software.

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