How to Resolve Access Runtime Error 3151 in Windows

Many users prefer saving their confidential files on MS Access Database and it has been used for a very long time. The files remain protected and safe, once they are on MS Access Database. But recently many users are facing Access Runtime Error 3151 on their PCs. This error arises only when the ODBC fails to connect to MS Access.

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But let me tell you the whole story behind this error. A user emailed me his query regarding this error. The email quotes:-

Hello Sir, I have recently changed my SQL Server IP and DSN Name then created a fresh ODBC and made few alterations in the link table. Finally, I succeeded in updating a table into a new SQL Server. But when I tried to update territories, I faced an error. Right now I am using Access FE and was connecting to a BE SQL.”

Well, my friend the basic reason for this error is when the user makes the same ODBC connection with MS Access as MS SQL Server. The chances of popping such error are high in such cases.

Well, that’s all about the Error 3151, but let us see how we can resolve it. There are basically two techniques through which you can deal with this error. The first one is a manual technique and the second is a professional one. If the first technique fails, then only switch to the next one.

I hope the first trick itself can resolve this error. But if it fails, then the only option is left is to try a professional method.

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Two Easy Ways to Fix Access Runtime Error 3151

Just follow the step by step procedure and fix the problem. Let us see what the first method says:-

Manual Trick

  • Go to the File Tab on the top-left corner and then Click on it.
  • Now Click on Get External Data option and then click on Link Tables.
  • From the File Type List Select ODBC Database and then click on Machine Data Source option.
  • Make a Click on New and Select System Data Source and Click on Next button to continue.
  • Enter the ODBC Connection name and the SQL Server name. Click on Next to continue.
  • Now, choose the desired database and click on Next and then on Finish.
  • Check your ODBC Connection to SQL Server.
  • Click on OK button again and again, until SQL Server Log in Page appears.
  • Enter the credentials and login details and then click on OK.

This trick will surely fix your error. But MS Access is not restricted to this error only. There are several other errors which are connected to MS Access. The most common reason for such errors is the MS Access Database file corruption. So if you don’t want to face any kind of error, always keep your database file healthy. If you find any issue with the file, then immediately repair the Access Database file.

Manually it is not possible to effectively repair MDB files of Access Database. You have to try a Professional Access Repair Software. If you’ll always keep your MDB Files up to date, then you’ll never face such kinds of error.

Professional MS Access Repair Tool

This professional tool is designed to repair severely corrupted MDB files which are the main cause of any error in Access Database and therefore it fixes alignment errors and restores the MDB files in the original form.

How MS Access Repair Tool Works

  • Download and Install the Software into your PC.
  • Browse the MDB File and choose the Scanning Mode according to the level of corruption.
  • After the completion of the scanning process, all the data of MDB Files will appear in a Tree-Structured format on the left therefore you are free to Select the files you want to save and Click on Save option.
  • Select the Location where you want to save the recovered file and then click on OK button.
  • Once the whole process completes you’ll receive a Confirmation Message.

This is the whole process of repairing a corrupted MDB file which helps to prevent Access Runtime error 3151. You have this option as well to fix the error.

Summing Up

Well, I have told you how to fix the error. You have various options to fix the error. Either you can try the manual ways or professional ways. So take your decision and opt the best way. I hope by now you can easily fix error 3151.

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