Easy Tricks For Fixing Corrupted ZIP Files with Best Zip Repair Tool

The best and simple solution for exporting multiple files at a time is the need for zip file compression. Due to this, the user can perform hassle-free, limited-size, and secure migration to others. The will tell users methods for fixing corrupted zip files. Let’s begin

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There is multiple software that allows users to compress the zip file. Assemble a file, add them into a specific folder, compress that folder, and your zip folder is ready for sharing. Note:- To transfer it, you can opt with different methods like email attachments, using third-party software, or others.

Why Do Zip Files Get Corrupted?

The users who need files can also think the same about the size of the file and how to use it easily. But sometimes, there are chances of Zip file corruption or damage, some of the common reason is:

  • There is a possibility of a virus attack on your Windows system.
  • Some infected viruses come on your system and replicate themselves, and because of that, the zip & other files get corrupted.
  • Chances that the Zip file is present at the damaged hard drive, pen drive, or other storage devices, then it may corrupt your file.
  • The stability of the internet connection is not proper while downloading the Zip file from the browser.
  • While creating a zip file, sudden power failure, system shutdown, and other issues may increase the possibility of corruption.

There are a few examples that lead to the corruption or damage of the Zip file. However, if you have the best and reliable utility, you can extract your file easily.

5 Best Solutions for Fixing Corrupted Zip Files

As we previously discussed, to extract the corrupt or damaged files from the Zip folder, users need to move to the easy and full-featured repair utility. Below mentioned are some best reliable and efficient solutions to overcome and fix the corruption of Zip files.

SysInfo Zip Repair Tool

SysInfo Zip Recovery Tool is a top-notch and best zip repair tool to Repair Corrupt & Inaccessible ZIP files generated by using WinRAR, WinZip, or any other utility. The software interface is easy to use and compatible with all Windows OS like 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc.

Follow the steps below to fix the corrupt Zip file using this software:

  • Download and Launch ZIP Recovery Software. Select either single or multiple files. Click Browse to select a single ZIP file.
  • Here, the selected ZIP file will be listed in the edit box. Click Next to continue the process.
  • Opt with the recovery mode: Standard or Advanced and click Next.
  • Now, all the recovered files will be shown in the list. Tap on the Next button.
  • Select the Browse and define a location for saving the recovered output. You may also save them at their original path.
  • Click the Save button to start fixing corrupted zip files process. It may take a few seconds. Wait till the conversion gets completed.
  • Finally, you can find a pop-tab displaying: The Saving process of the selected file is completed successfully. Click Ok.

WinRAR Repair Tool

WinRAR is another best utility to compress the corrupt Zip file as it contains the built-in functions in them. Thus, if you are facing the damaged ZIP or RAR file issue, you may try the WinRAR:

If you want to troubleshoot the damaged Zip files, then follow the below steps:

  1. Open the WinRAR utility and navigate the corrupted from your system.
  2. After that, select the folder and click the Repair button from the toolbar.
  3. On another wizard, assign the location to the repaired archived and select the archive type. Click Ok.
  4. Furthermore, when the extraction gets completed, you can also view the extracted files.

Aryson ZIP Repair Tool

Aryson ZIP File Repair Tool is highly efficient and extracts data from the corrupt, damaged, and inaccessible Zip files without affecting the original content. The utility contains an advanced ultimate Repair algorithm to repair zip files free in any condition and repairs them to allow access for the future.

  • Download and run the Zip Repair tool and select the single or multiple files and click Next.
  • Here, you can also preview the added ZIP file in the software.
  • Now, pick the recovery mode, either standard or advanced.
  • Click on the Browse button to select the saving location for the fixed files.
  • Select the Save and tap on it to start fixing corrupted zip files and click Ok.

Zip2Fix Repair Tool

It is another best zip file recovery software on our list. It allows users to perform the fixing corrupted zip files in just 2-3 steps. The easy-to-use interface makes extraction safe and easy follow the mentioned steps, to-do-so:

  1. Start the software and click Open.
  2. Select the corrupted Zip file from the local machine to begin the repairing process.
  3. Now, the utility will initiate the recovery process and save it to the source directory without prompt.
  4. Finally, your file is recovered successfully.

WinZip Command Prompt

Since 2016, WinZip has become the universal Windows 10 application. Firstly, it has been stopped, then moved to the app for ZIP file extraction. Use it on the command prompt to repair any specific and valid ZIP file.

  • Click Windows + R button and enter CMD into the blank field and click Enter.
  • Moreover, to run it in safe mode, search Command Prompt and right-click on it to run it as an administrator.
  • Go to command prompt wizard and change the directories to where the corrupted Zip file is present.
  • Enter “C:\Program Files\WinZip\wzzip”- yf zipfile.zip and click the Enter button.
  • You have to check that the substitute the actual drive letter is for where WinZip is installed on your system and the real ZIP file name in place of zipfile.zip.
    Note:- WZZIP will not change the original ZIP file, but instead, creates a new ZIP file (or folder) named in Filename_FIXED.

The above 5-mentioned solutions are easy-to-use, and I hope they can fix your issue successfully. Moreover, if you want to repair corrupted Zip, RAR, TAR, Tar.gz, 7z, and other files in Windows OS, go to this How to Repair Corrupted Zip, RAR, TAR, Tar.gz, 7z in Windows and resolve your issue instantly.


You can fix corruption of Zip files with ease, but only you have to follow the above working steps of different solutions. When you have the damaged Zip file, you have only the option to use the recovery tools. The free tools that you will find on the internet harm your data and are limited as well. A great tool, like SysInfo, will save you a lot of time when it is used to fix the corrupt Zip file.

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