Different Methods to Forward Zoho Mail to Gmail

Are you looking for the best possible solution to forward Zoho Mail to Gmail? Search for information on how to transfer Zoho mail to Gmail? Then stay tuned with this blog. You will get a complete solution to import Zoho Mail to Gmail.

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Zoho Mail is a safe and efficient business mail solution for the users and the tailor-made organization’s for transferring and receiving their essentials emails, calendars, contacts between them. It includes enhanced collaboration features. It is not just an inbox—it is more than that. It manages some powerful control panels like user management, group management, and email policies.

Zoho provides users different built-in features like a Suite of apps, Collaborate, Explore, Share. Moreover, it offers agile features for a cleaning mailbox such as Filters, Advanced Search, Out of Office, Signatures, etc. Zoho includes various features but, sometimes, due to facing errors while accessing or working with Zoho Mail, users need to switch from Zoho Mail to any other email client. So, here, we learn the specific method to forward Zoho mails to Gmail email clients.

Here, before going to the solution/workaround to forward Zoho mail to Gmail. Let us check out the reasons to import Zoho Mail to Gmail.

Reasons To Forwarding Zoho Mail To Gmail

  • Switch from the Zoho Mail

In cases, users want to switch from Zoho Mail to another email client like Gmail is the reason for transferring Zoho Mail to Gmail.

  • Accessing Issues in the Zoho Mail

Sometimes, one can face issues while accessing the Zoho Mail account so, to overcome this, they need to forward Zoho data.

  • Sending/Receiving Issues

He/she can have trouble while sending and receiving their data or content using Zoho Mail. It is the reason to migrate Zoho Mailbox data.

  • Lack of IMAP, Email forwarding, and POP

Due to lack of IMAP, Email forwarding, and POP features in Zoho Mail is a reason to download Zoho mail to Gmail

These are the possible reasons that influence to forward Zoho mail to Gmail. Are any questions strikes to you like: How do I download Zoho mail?
Now, let’s move to know the best appropriate solution using which you can easily import your Zoho Mail into Gmail.

Solution to Forwarding Zoho mail to Gmail

Forwarding of Zoho Mail means transferring all the mailbox data to that account’s address. It means the received emails are received automatically on the provided email address. Now, to forward, transfer or download Zoho Mail into the Gmail email client you have to follow three steps carefully:

  • Enable Mail Forwarding in Zoho Mail
  • Adding of Zoho Account to Gmail
  • Updating the Default Email Address in Gmail
  1. Enable Mail Forwarding in Zoho Mail
  • Launch the Zoho Mail on your system and sign in with the required credentials.
  • Then open the dashboard on your Zoho Mail.
  • open dashboard
  • Now, in the dashboard, click on the setting icon present on the left side of the wizard.
  • click on setting icon
  • Then in the setting window, click on the Email forwarding and POP/IMAP.
  • click on email forwarding
  • Here enter your Gmail email address where you want to forward Zoho Mail id data and click on the Verify link.
  • verife email
  • Now, open the wizard of entered Gmail Id that you want to link with Zoho Mail.
  • Then open the confirmation email from Zoho mail and copy that confirmation code on the clipboard.
  • After that, return to the Zoho setting wizard and paste the copied confirmation code on the specified field.
  • Finally, by pasting the code, you can confirm the email forwarding request.
  • enter conformation code
  1. Adding of Zoho Account to Gmail
  • Now, open the Gmail on your system and go to the setting gear icon and press it.
  • go to setting icon
  • Here, click on the See All Setting button.
  • In the opening wizard of Setting Opt with Account and Import option.
  • Then in the send Mail feature, click on the Add another email address link.
  • add another email address
  • In the window, enter your name and the Zoho Mail email address you want to configure, and press on the Next step button.
  • enter bname
  • Here, enter your SMTP server, username, password, and select Port No. After that, click on the Add Account.
  • click on add account
  • Now, after clicking the Add Account button, go to your Zoho Mail email account page and press the link in the confirmation email.
  • Then click on the Confirm button on the popup tab.
  • click confirm
  1. Updating the Default Email Address in Gmail
  • Now, open your Gmail again and click on the setting gear icon.
  • go to setting icons
  • Then select the sell-all settings and tap on it.
  • In the opening wizard of Setting, go to the Account and Import section.
  • Select the Email address you recently added and click on the make default link.
  • click on make default

Forward Zoho mail to Gmail Using Third-Party Software

Here, you also go through with an expert third-party solution SysInfo Zoho Backup Tool to forward or import your Zoho Mail mailbox emails into Gmail. Using this software, you can also backup your Zoho Mail emails into different file formats like PST, PDF, OST, EML, EMLX, etc. Moreover, it allows users to export Zoho Mail emails into Gmail, Office 365, HostGator, Yandex MAil, Opera Mail, and other email clients.


In this blog, we learn Zoho Mail is a safe and efficient business mail solution for the users and the tailor-made organizations for transferring and receiving their essentials data. After that, look at the reasons to forward Zoho Mail to Gmail. Then understand the solution step by step to import, migrate, forward, and backup Zoho Mail emails into Gmail.

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