How to Combine Multiple PDF Files into One

The PDF file is one of the very popular and safe ways to keep the data. You can easily store this file anywhere. It supports all the OS platform like Windows and MAC. You can easily send the data to anyone using PDF. The best feature of PDF file is that it does not decrease the quality of data like text, image, videos etc. But the main problem is people face a big challenge to combining PDF files into a single if they don’t know the method. Here, you will get the knowledge about how to combine multiple PDF files into one manually as well as an alternative method. For getting the knowledge from scratch read this blog till last.

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Why Merge Multiple PDF Files into One PDF File

Suppose if you have multiple PDF files and you want to search it fast, then you have to go in all PDF files and it is the wasting of time. It becomes too much difficult for users. That’s why it is important to merge multiple PDF files into one.

Single handling PDF files is more comfortable rather than handling more PDF files. Sharing multiple PDF data files is a very lazy process rather than single PDF files. There is a chance of data lose in multiple PDF files.

Now, Let’s move ahead to understand the manual approaches for combining PDF file

How to Combine Multiple PDF Files into One: Manual Method

We will mention a method through which you can combine the multiple PDF files into one.

Merge PDFs using Adobe Acrobat XI Pro program

  • Download and install Adobe Acrobat XI Pro software in your system.
  • Press combine files into PDF button.
  • Now, move to the left top corner and click on the add files button and then after choose to add files opinion to add the PDF files.
  • Press on OK button after choosing the files which you want to merge.
  • Press the combine file button on the bottom right corner.
  • Now, the process will start the merging files. After the compilation, visit the file menu and tap on save as button.

Notice: This manual methods need a full version of software to merge multiple PDF files into one at a time. You have to purchase the full version of Adobe Acrobat XI Pro software. Don’t worry still you have the 2nd method to complete the task.

How to Combine Multiple PDF Files into One: Alternative Method

To solve this issue you need one of the best PDF Manager Utility. This tool is suggested by the experts which is available on the Internet. GUI of this tool is user-friendly & easy to use. You don’t need any kind of technical knowledge to run this software. It keeps the data safe & secure during the execution. It saves time.

Some other features of this utility are:

  • User-friendly GUI that can be managed by anyone
  • Keeps the data safe & secure of PDF document
  • Support merging PDF files into one
  • You can repeat the process unlimited time
  • Suitable for all types of windows OS

Steps to Combine PDF files using PDF Manager

  1. Download and install the PDF Manager Software.
  2. Choose merge option then after select extract PDF.
  3. To add the PDF files press the select PDF button.
  4. Select PDF files to merge into one.
  5. Set page range setting
  6. You can set other PDF file settings as well like general settings, PDF range settings, page by page settings. Now press on Ok for further process
  7. After the completion press OK.


In this blog, we have shared information about how to combine multiple PDF files into one manually as well as an alternative method. Manually method is little bit lengthy & time taken. Also, this method is not secure. You have to purchase the whole software of Adobe. Whereas, an alternative method will solve these problems in a hassle-free manner. You don’t have to do so much manually.

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