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Ways to Convert MBOX to PDF File

migrates MBOX to PDF

There are many cases in which users need to convert MBOX to PDF files. So, in this technical guide, we’ll help you to transfer all your MBOX mails into the PDF file. Let’s start with the reasons behind the conversion of MBOX to PDF.

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Reasons Behind MBOX to PDF Conversion

Some reasons are given below to convert MBOX file to PDF format :

  • The PDF file is a fully independent platform, and it does not require an email application configuration to view any email data.
  • A PDF file allows the users to transfer MBOX to PDF document format, which can be viewed everywhere on the system.
  • If anyone has a backup of MBOX, but does not have any installed email client to read the MBOX email, that time users can use and print MBOX to PDF for viewing MBOX mail.

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How to Convert MBOX to PDF with Attachment? Manually.

It is more compatible for the users to export MBOX email to PDF format as the compatibility of PDF file is more than any other file format that contains text, pictures, hyperlinks and more. Follow the methods given below in order to convert your MBOX mails into the PDF file format:

  1. First, launch the Apple Mail application.
  2. Then, go to File>>Import Mailboxes.
  3. In the inbox which you have imported select files in MBOX format and press OK.
  4. Then browse the location of the old .mbox file. Then on the Done button.
  5. Now every mail of the MBOX can be viewed inside the Oh My Mac header.
  6. Choose all emails that lie inside the MBOX Import folder.
  7. Make a right mouse click on the email and go to File>>Save As.
  8. Choose to save it as PDF format in order to convert your MBOX mails into the PDF file format.
  9. Repeat these above steps for every mail you want to convert.
  10. One can easily convert all of its emails from MBOX to PDF Mac using the same steps.

Drawbacks of Manual Method

There are some limitations associated with manual methods and these are:

  • Due to any reason if you did and a mistake at any point then this can result in data loss.
  • One should have basic technical knowledge regarding email clients and platforms.
  • With this method, the user is only able to migrate the MBOX emails into the PDF file format but they can’t send attachments with this method.
  • The manual process is only used when there are very few emails we need to convert the MBOX file to PDF With attachments free in Mac. It can not be considered for multiple mailbox data migrations.
  • It is a very boring process to move each email individually at a time and save it in PDF format as they consume our more valuable time.
  • No batch support available and only one mail is transferred at a time.

Professional Method to Migrate MBOX to PDF

Taking the help of a professional third party utility to migrate your emails from MBOX to PDF file format is a very easy and efficient way. MBOX Converter Tool is one of the easiest ways by which both technical and non-technical users are able to convert the MBOX file into PDF in no time. The MBOX Exporter converts MBOX file to Outlook, PST, Gmail, Yahoo etc. A free demo version of the software is also available.

Wrap Up

In this technical guide, we have discussed the methods to convert MBOX to PDF file format. Also, we have also discussed the reasons behind this migration of MBOX to PDF. We available both the methods to you i.e, Manual as well as professional methods. So, choose accordingly. But to choose Professional MBOX to PDF Converter Tools is always a recommendation from our side, as these tools work faster and are highly secured.

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