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Mozilla Thunderbird is a famous email client and supports MBOX file formats. It stores data of entire mailbox items. Sometimes, users want to convert MBOX to PDF file format as they can easily access them anywhere. MBOX files can not be opened in every email client. That’s why we will provide a migration process from MBOX to PDF files. If you want to convert your MBOX to PDF with attachments, opt for the Sysinfo MBOX Exporter Tool. It will transfer your data to PDF without data loss. But before moving ahead, you should take a look at the difference between both file formats.

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Difference Between MBOX and PDF Files

Basis MBOX Files PDF Files
Definition MBOX files are worldwide famous file formats that help to store copies of events, messages, reminders, and other items. PDF is also known as Portable Document Format. It is commonly used to share and archive data. The document consists of graphics, images, and text.
Supportability Mozilla Thunderbird, Opera, Eudora, Apple Mail, Powermail, and many more support MBOX file formats. Adobe Acrobat supports PDF file formats.
Compatibility Users can’t find a message as they contain large file sizes. Users can easily search for a message through the Search window in Adobe Acrobat.
Safety You can’t put any password or electronic signature on their MBOX files. Through the PDF formats, users can set an electronic signature and password on each file to save its content.

From the above table, we hope you got your answer about which file format is better. Now, we will discuss methods to convert MBOX emails to PDF.

How to Convert MBOX to PDF?

We have two solutions to export MBOX to PDF file formats. You just need to put your focus on understanding each step.

  1. Transfer MBOX Files to PDF Format Manually
  2. A reliable solution to convert MBOX File to PDF online

Now, we will elaborate on each procedure in detail.

Method 1: Transfer MBOX Files to PDF Format Manually

The compatibility of PDF files is more than any other file format containing text, pictures, hyperlinks, and more. Follow the procedure below to convert your MBOX emails into PDF file format.

  1. First, download Import Export Tools in Mozilla Thunderbird.
  2. After that, select Tools > Add-ons in the Toolbar section.
    convert MBOX to PDF
  3. Then, download the ImportExportTools add-on.
  4. Moving ahead, move to the Import-Export Add-stored on’ s path.
  5. Further, a new window will appear; select the Install Now option.
  6. Restart your computer and then again open Mozilla Thunderbird.
  7. Choose the emails you want to convert MBOX to PDF files.
  8. Afterwards, select Tools > Import/Export Tools > Migrate All Messages in the folder.convert MBOX to PDF
  9. Choose PDF as a saving format and click the OK button.
    convert MBOX to PDF

Here, we have mentioned the manual method to convert MBOX emails to PDF. But every procedure has some limitations. Now, we will discuss about it.

Loopholes of Accomplishing The Manual Method

  • Any reason if you have done a mistake at any point can result in data loss.
  • One should have basic technical knowledge regarding email clients and platforms.
  • Users can only migrate MBOX emails into the PDF file format, but they can’t send attachments with this method.

If you want to overcome the above drawbacks, opt for the easiest and shortcut procedure. We will discuss it in the upcoming section.

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Method 2: A Reliable Solution to Convert MBOX File to PDF Online

Sysinfo MBOX Converter is the best MBOX to PDF converter. It maintains the hierarchy of the folder during the conversion process. In addition, MBOX to PDF converter online provides a bulk conversion feature where you can effortlessly transfer your MBOX files in bulk without data loss. Various additional features will help to migrate MBOX files to PDF effectively. Now, we will learn the working which will clear all your doubts.


  1. Download and launch the Sysinfo MBOX Exporter Tool as administrator.
  2. After that, preview the chosen MBOX files in the wizard.
  3. Then, select the folders in a preview panel and click the Next button.
  4. Choose PDF as a saving format.
  5. Set the defined path where you want to save your resultant file and click the Convert button.

It will convert your MBOX files to PDF files in just five steps.

Final Closure

In this technical guide, we have mentioned the difference between MBOX and PDF files. Also, we have discussed the methods to convert MBOX to PDF file format. So, choose accordingly. But picking up a Professional MBOX to PDF Converter is always a recommendation from our side, as these tools work faster and are highly secured.

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