Methods to convert MBOX to CSV online with MBOX Converter

Here users will get solution to convert MBOX to CSV online but before that I would like to tell users about MBOX and CSV.

MBOX is the common format for storing email messages on Thunderbird, Outlook, Eudora, Apple Mail, etc. It organizes the email messages into a single database file. CSV stands for a comma-separated value that allows data to be saved in tabular format. It can be accessed by spreadsheet software like MS Excel, Libre Office, Lotus 123, Google Sheets, etc.

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Keep reading this article to know the different possible ways to migrate MBOX to CSV file format.

First, let’s start with the reasons behind the conversion.

Benefits that Organizations, SMEs, or Businesses can get using CSV

Following are the reasons and benefits behind the migration of MBOX to CSV file format.

  • CSV files can easily be migrated to Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet tools..
  • All the information can easily be stored in a single file to access easily.
  • Consumes less memory and faster to access.
  • Maintains the data hierarchy and keeps the data intact.
  • Makes data more manageable when it is stored in tabular form.

Now, understand the different ways to transfer MBOX to CSV file format.

Systematic Approaches to Convert MBOX to CSV Online

In the below methods, we have utilised Thunderbird email client because it is free to use, and it supports MBOX file format. So, If you are a Thunderbird user, follow the below-described steps. In case you are using another email client, then you need to move your MBOX file to Thunderbird by simply using drag and drop.

Method 1- Convert Thunderbird MBOX to CSV file format

To export data from Mozilla thunderbird to CSV file format, follow the below-described steps:

  1. First of all, run Mozilla thunderbird. Then, select the “Address book” from the menu bar.
  2. Now, move to the tool and tap on the Export button.
  3. Next, users need to specify the desired location where they have to store the file.
  4. Finally, select the address book as a CSV file format.

Method 2- Another way of Converting MBOX to CSV file format using Thunderbird

  • First of all, choose the “Address Book” that you have to export.
  • Then, select “Tools” and tap on the “Export” button.
  • Next, save the file to your desired location and enter the name of the file.
  • Now, you can export the file on any system to which you need to save.
  • If you are trying to export the address book to another system you have to move the address book to the new computer and then retrieve the LDIF file.
  • Then, repeat the first steps to get back the Address book.
  • Next, choose “tools” and tap on the “Import” button.
  • Here, select “Address Book” and hit the “Next” button.
  • Choose the “CSV” Text file and hit the “Next” button.
  • Finally, click on the “Finish” button after completing the process.

How to Export MBOX to CSV File Format Without Using any Email Client?

As we know, manual methods are complex, time-consuming and you need a supported email client. Moreover, non-technical users will find it difficult to follow the steps, and missing one step will lead to a huge data loss. To prevent all these hindrances, you can use MBOX Exporter Tool to migrate MBOX to CSV File Format.

This tool can convert MBOX files to CSV, PDF, EML, EMLX, PDF, TXT, HTML, DOC, DOCM, AOL, OST, TIFF, PNG, JPG, MSG. It has a user-friendly GUI that makes it easy to use for non-technical users.

What makes MBOX Exporter a Perfect Solution?

  1. Allows users to export MBOX files into PDF Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft Outlook, Opera Mail, Thunderbird, Office 365, IMAP, Hotmail, and Live Exchange.
  2. Migrate several MBOX files at a time.
  3. Date Range Filter feature is available to migrate data according to a particular date range.
  4. A free trial version of the tool is available to export 25 Files at a time.

Final Words

The above article rectifies the different possible ways to convert MBOX to CSV online. We hope you got the solution to export MBOX to CSV free. There are several causes behind this migration which are well explained in the article. Different methods and limitations are also discussed that help you to transfer MBOX to CSV free. So, you can try the MBOX File Converter Tool that is capable to convert MBOX to CSV file format easily.

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