How to convert OST to Thunderbird Manually Free?

When you think about how to convert OST to Thunderbird it becomes a problem. As the process is a complicated one, it usually requires support. This article is to assist you in exporting an OST File to Thunderbird client using some workaround methods.

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Let us first get to know the OST file and Thunderbird in better terms.

What is OST?

In case you are questioning about OST, then let me tell you OST is an Outlook file. Outlook allows the feature to save files for you in an offline mode. Hence, it is extremely appreciable and more used by end-users. The OST and PST files of Outlook allow access to offline data and syncing changes when back online. But, the file does not support when you need to import data.

Why Thunderbird?

No confusion, users want to convert OST to Thunderbird.
There are many different email clients in use today. But, Thunderbird is a fore-most freeware client. It is developed by Mozilla and the creators of Firefox. It is an open-source desktop-based email client application. Moreover, it can be accessed on various platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, and Ubuntu operating systems. With such cost-effective specialties, Thunderbird is an efficient software.

Let us now introduce a method for importing OST files into Thunderbird.

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How to Import OST to Thunderbird Manually?

There is no shortest method to copy an OST File to Thunderbird. As Thunderbird supports MBOX, we are required to take follow-up with some methods. For that, we have to follow the manual methods in two steps to convert OST to Thunderbird.

  • OST to PST
  • PST to Thunderbird

Step 1. OST to PST

Any of these methods can be implemented to make OST to PST.

Method 1. OST to PST Archive

To proceed Archive, Follow this;

  • Firstly, load your Microsoft Outlook.
  • Secondly, in Outlook, click on File and then tap Archive.
  • Here, pull your file/folder to archive and Browse the path to save the archived file.
  • After that, hit on Finish.

Method 2. Import and Export OST to PST

NOTE: You require a connection with the Exchange Server. Outlook must be installed on the local computing system.

  • Firstly, launch Microsoft Outlook.
  • Secondly, click the File menu, then choose the “Import and Export” option.
  • Inside the Import and Export Wizard, click the “Export to a file” option and then hit the Next button
  • After that, choose Outlook Data File(.pst) from the list and click Next to proceed.
  • In this step, choose the mailbox folder to export from.
  • At last, browse and select the target folder to save the new PST file and hit the Finish option.

Method 3. Drag and Drop OST to PST

In this method, you’ve to export an OST file to PST format. To do so, drag and drop all of your folders to it and save. For that:

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook, then generate a new PST file in the Outlook profile.
  • After that, select and drag all the mailbox folders you desire to move into the PST file, recently created.

Once you have got OST to PST using any of the above approaches. Then, proceed further to complete the migration.

The above-mentioned procedure is the first half process to convert OST to Thunderbird manually. Now, let us take a look at the second step required to do the process.

Step 2. How to export PST to Thunderbird?

To import PST to Thunderbird, Outlook, and Thunderbird should be installed on the same machine. Then, you can smoothly convert Outlook to Thunderbird as:

  1. Assure that Outlook is your default program for sending/receiving emails. For that, follow the Start button and click Default Programs >> Set your default programs.
  2. Search Outlook from the Programs tab and select to Set this program as default.
  3. Now, load Thunderbird and hit on the Display the Thunderbird Menu option.
  4. Redirect to the Tools menu >>then hit Import.
  5. Here, you are required to choose Mail, tap Next.
  6. Choose Outlook as the saving file type and hit Next.
  7. At last, hit on the Finish button to terminate the import process.

So, by applying this procedure you will be capable of importing Outlook to Thunderbird.
Now, you have successfully concluded ‘how to Import OST File to Thunderbird?’ query.

To avoid this time taking steps, you can use a professional approach to convert OST to Thunderbird. Which will easily convert OST to Gmail and various other formats also.

Professional Approach

OST to PST Converter is one such Windows OST Conversion tool. It enables you to convert an OST file into an Outlook PST file without any data loss with high accuracy. It also provides an attribute to convert OST to MBOX. Moreover, to view the MBOX file format, you need to migrate the MBOX file format to Thunderbird. Now, you can easily view the converted OST file content in Thunderbird.

The tool provides beneficial features for users like the ultra-fast speed of scanning, recovery, and conversion of the OST file in comparison to other vendors.


We have discussed the complete information to manually convert OST to Thunderbird account. We have also suggested the best OST to PST Converter tool to perform the migration without any technical expertise. The tool includes a number of features that assist the conversion of OST files to Thunderbird.

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