How to Download Google Contacts to Computer?

User Query – “Currently, I download my contacts from my Google account because doing a backup is a necessary task. But the problem is that the backup is partially done. I want to backup contacts from Gmail completely. Please provide me with reliable ways to save Google contacts.”

From the above user query, it clears us that I will go through various solutions on how to download Google Contacts. In addition, I will also mention a reliable solution that will guide you to the Gmail contacts list download efficiently. You can directly go with the Sysinfo Google Workspace Backup Tool. It will assist you in saving your Google Contacts in VCF file format without any data loss.

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How to Download Google Contacts in Simplest Ways?

There are various methods to backup Google Contacts to PC. It just requires complete focus to understand the following steps.

  • Save Google Contacts with the help of the Export Feature.
  • Download Contacts from Your Gmail through Google Takeout
  • How to export contacts from G Suite to PC efficiently?

I will go through each of them in detail further. It will help you to have a better understanding.

Solution 1: Save Google Contacts With The Help of The Export Feature

Google has an in-built export feature. It will help users to download or back up their desired Google Contacts into three different file formats.

  • First, navigate to on your chosen web browser.
  • After that, a new dialog box of Google Contacts will appear on your local screen. It will show your Contact list and its detail.
    download google contacts
  • You can download a single contact and ensure to mark your desired contacts.
    download google contacts
  • Moving ahead, click the three vertical dots at the top of the page.
  • Choose the Export option from the list.
    backup google contacts
  • Afterwards, choose any options – Google CSV, Outlook CSV, or vCard in your comfort zone. Now, click on the Export button.
    backup google contacts

It will help you to download contacts from Gmail. Now, I am moving further to highlight another solution.

Solution 2: Backup Contacts From Your Gmail Through Google Takeout

With the help of Google Takeout, users can download the crucial data available on their Google Workspace account.

  • Sign in to your Google Takeout with your credentials.
  • Make sure to deselect all the applications that accept contacts applications.
  • Wait for a while to download your contacts and also the ZIP file.

I have successfully discussed both manual methods and how to download Google contacts. You can check them out. It will surely clear all your doubts. Now, I will discuss some loopholes in performing the manual procedure.

Drawbacks of Accomplishing the Manual Solutions

  • The above solution is lengthy and complex.
  • Also, it is a time-consuming process.
  • You have to download your Google contacts one by one. This process does not allow users to back up Google contacts in bulk.

I have gone through some common challenges users face while performing it. I will discuss an automated procedure on how to save Google contacts to a computer further.

Solution 3: How to Export Contacts from G Suite to PC Efficiently?

Sysinfo Google Workspace Backup Tool is a reliable and comprehensive third-party utility that helps to backup Google Contacts on PC. It aids in removing duplicate contacts. In addition, it saves Google Contacts in VCF file formats. Moreover, it provides predefined naming conventions for the resultant file. Using this utility, you can also migrate from G Suite to Office 365. Now, I will go through the working of the software. It will clear your doubts.


  • Download and launch the tool on your local system.
  • Run the software as an administrator.
  • Fill in the User Name and Service account ID. Attach the p12 file also.
  • Click on the Sign-in button.
  • Here, choose Google Contacts > Next button.
  • Now, select CSV as a saving file format > Next button.
  • Lastly, set the Destination Path > Download button.

All your Google contacts will be downloaded to the computer.

Final Words

I would like to finish my technical blog and hope you got enough information from it. In this article, I have mentioned various solutions on how to download Google contacts. You can go through them and follow any of them.

Generally Asked Questions

Q1. How to download Google contacts from your account?

Ans. You can simply save your Google contacts from your Google account. Just follow the below procedure.

  • Save Google Contacts with the help of the Export Feature.
  • Download Contacts from Your Gmail through Google Takeout

Q2. Can I save multiple Gmail contacts into the local drive?

Ans. Yes, you can save various Gmail contacts into your local drive with the help of the Sysinfo Google Workspace Backup Tool. It is an efficient solution for backing up your Google contacts to your local storage.

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