How to Import EML Files to Outlook With EML File Converter Freeware?

This article will guide you on how to import EML files to Outlook using the EML file converter software. It also explains why you need to migrate the EML files to the Outlook PST files. Before that, you should know what EML files are.

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EML files are the email messages saved in the form of offline files. This file format is supported by various email clients like Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail exchange, Apple mail, etc. It also stores the sender’s recipient, attachments, and date of the message. The EML files are accepted by most email clients, but these files are also the major source of malicious activities.

Most email providers block files with .eml attachments due to security reasons. The EML files can store some executable files for malicious activities. So, if you want to store the mailbox data, you should convert the EML files into a safe file format.

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How to Import EML Files to Outlook

If you want to know how to import EML files into Outlook PST files, follow the steps below:

  1. Download and open the Sysinfor EML to PST Converter.
  2. Click on the Browse button and select the EML file.
  3. Choose the Multiple File/Folder options to select more than one EML file.
  4. Click on the Convert button and the email Preview will display on the screen.
  5. Tick the desired mailbox item and select the Next button.
  6. Choose the PST file format in the Save/Backup/Migrate As option.
  7. Tick the Save in Same Folder option to save the resultant file at the source location of the EML file.
  8. Check the Migrate without attachment files option to leave these files from converting.
  9. If you want to convert only selective EML files, tick the Mail Filter option and set the Start Date and End Date.
  10. You can also give a desired name to the resultant file by the Custom Folder Name feature.
  11. Select the Destination Path to the Resultant file.
    Note: To give the destination path, you must uncheck the Save in Same Folder option.
  12. Click on the Convert button to import EML files to Outlook.
  13. You can also download the backup report by the Download Report button.

Sysinfo EML to PST Converter an Expert Way

Sysinfo EML Converter is the most effective software to convert the EML file to PST file format. It is the best solution on how to import EML files to Outlook without causing any damage to the files. This software provides various exclusive features. The EML files are prone to virus attack. So, you must convert them to a secure and reliable file format. The EML Converter migrates the EML data to PST file format with ease.

Key Features

Some users might think about how to open EML file in Outlook using this software. The Sysinfo EML to PST converter can open any type of EML file. Some of the prominent features of this software are listed below:

  • Import EML Files To Outlook and various other file formats like OST, MBOX, MSG, HTML, PDF, DOC, etc.
  • This software migrates the EML files to Gmail, Yahoo mail, AOL, Office 365, Thunderbird, etc.
  • Multiple File Selection feature to choose a number of EML files.
  • Preview mailbox items before converting so you can select the desired file.
  • Offers Mail filter to migrate selected emails.
  • Allows saving the converted file at the source location of the EML file.
  • Migrates EML file without Attachments.


The EML files are the most versatile file format. Almost, every email client can read the EML files. However, they are prone to virus attacks. So, you should convert them into a more reliable and specific file format. One such file format is PST file format which is only supported by Microsoft Outlook. However, you can not migrate the EML files into PST files directly. The best solution for your problem is Sysinfo EML to PST converter. It is a safe and effective solution on how to open EML file in outlook online and how to import EML files to Outlook PST files.

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