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Sometimes, you are not aware of email protection. Scams are everywhere and there are too many ways to take advantage of email accounts. Gmail is one of the biggest and most famous email clients in the modern age. Privacy and security is the most important thing for all the users sharing information. So, this guide helps you to improve Gmail Data protection in many ways. If you are a Gmail user, this will for sure help you out.

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Moreover, if a data breach arises, viruses will influence your Google account. Therefore, in the upcoming section, we will discuss common reasons that generate data loss and then some ways to enhance the security of Gmail data and keep personal information protected.

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Common Reasons that Triggers Gmail Data Loss

  • Accidental deletion of some important Gmail data.
  • If a phone gets hacked by some hackers.
  • Phishing could be the main reason.

Due to these reasons, you should keep your Gmail account safe. So, follow the below methods for this.

5 Important Ways to Improve Gmail Data Protection

Activate 2-step Verification option

  • Use the two-factor authentication or 2-step verification feature in your Gmail account for securing the data.
  • Using this feature, when you sign into your Gmail account using a username and a strong password, a code of verification will be sent to your phone number via a text message.
  • Then you have to enter it. It will alert you when someone tries to sign into your account until they have your phone nearby.

If you want to enable it on your device then use the below steps as follows:

  1. First, in your Gmail, just open your profile icon and choose My Account to enable two-step verification.
  2. Press Sign in to Google under Sign-in & Protection.
  3. Now, under Password & Sign-In Process, use the 2-Step Verification.
  4. Enter your phone number and choose a verification method.

Build a Strong Password:

When protecting your Gmail email account, you can create a strong password. A few ideas are given below to build strong passwords and improve protection:

  • Use the words, letters, and numbers combined.
  • Frequently use lowercase and uppercase characters together.
  • Passwords must be switched at least once a month.
  • Don’t use your personal information as a password.

Ensure to use a Safe Browsing Function

A suspected and harmful link sent through email can be easily searched. This function will alert end-users about malicious links or unauthenticated senders when switched on. If you use inappropriate links, you will receive a warning message to verify that you would like to continue with a link that offers your email account and data more protection.

Activate HTTPS Protection on Server

Gmail is the most efficient service provider, allowing you to log in from any particular location and device. However, anyone can sign in to an uncoded network, and your privacy and sensitive data are revealed. To assure data is encrypted between Gmail and the web browser, you need HTTPS protection allowed. Steps to do this as follows:

  • Visit the settings first.
  • Press the General tab.
  • Now, hit the button to link to the browser and ensure that there is no checkmark adjacent to “Always use HTTPS.”

Security Checklist should be completed

Getting your data safe and secured by Google is an easy job. Within the Gmail account, you can view the full checklist to make sure the Gmail account is safe. A checklist can help validate security settings and analyze recovery information, connected devices, and account approvals.

When checking account permissions, you can check all websites and applications, and devices that have already been linked to your Google Account.
Moving through it would only require a couple of minutes and need to be checked several times a year to maintain that all settings are up to date.

Tip: If a user exceeds mailbox limits, the data gathered in a shared folder or any of the data can not be accessed or saved in a single move. Having your data backup on Gmail is significant. To fully back up Gmail data, use Gmail Backup Tool. This tool completely backups up all the Gmail mailbox files and ensures no data loss entirely in the process. 

Summing Up!!

Gmail offers a protection feature to avoid the entry of spam and phishing messages into the inbox. Still, data privacy and data security issues are not over on Gmail, users continue to secure their Gmail accounts at this time. Hence, in the above-mentioned guide, we discussed many methods to improve Gmail Data Protection.  If you want to Create Gmail Backup for Mac then you can also read this blog.

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