Overview: Are you annoyed with Gmail data problems online? If you are searching out for methods to create Gmail backup for Mac. Then, we have discussed it here.

Gmail is one of the most popular services of Google and is used by a lot of end-users. Gmail provides you a number of benefits like free email accounts with plentiful storage, fast searching, and access from any Web browser. Most importantly, the big Idea behind using Google is that your emails are safe in the cloud.

However, keeping your emails intact in the cloud is a risky issue. A network fault anywhere between your Google and Mac server could make your email data inaccessible. A server fault can wipe out years of your saved data files. Now, the responsibility lies in your hands to take a backup of your Gmail Account contents. In order to create a backup, you should read on manual methods.

Manual Methods to Create Gmail Backup Mac OS

  • Both the methods shared in this blog require access to your Gmail account via IMAP. Check out if it is disabled then follow these steps to create Gmail backup for Mac.
  1. Firstly, initiate with Log In to your Google account.
  2. Secondly, go for the gear-shaped icon in the upper right corner to pick the Mail Settings from the pop-up menu bar.
  3. Thirdly, pick the Forwarding and POP/IMAP link and make sure Enable IMAP is selected.
  4. If it is not chossen then choose it and complete with the Save Changes.

Method 1- Create a Local Backup with IMAP

You can locally download all your Gmail emails on MAC using an IMAP client like Apple mail, Mozilla Thunderbird or MS Outlook. Check out how with the steps given below.

Gmail Backup with Apple Mail

  • Firstly, trigger Mail -> Preferences in your Apple Mailbox.
  • Secondly, search for Accounts and pick out your Gmail account from the list on the left.
  • Thirdly, from the advanced tab, you need to pick Keep Copies of Messages for Offline Viewing pop-up menu, find out All Messages And Their Attachments.

Gmail Backup with Thunderbird

  1. Firstly, proceed to your → Tools→ Account Settings.
  2. Secondly, from the list shown on the left → Gmail account → select Synchronization & Storage.
  3. Thirdly, keep a tab as Check on “Keep Messages for This Account On This Computer”.
  4. Go for the option “Synchronize All Messages Locally Regardless of Age”, and uncheck the option “Don’t Download Messages Larger Than __ KB”.
  5. In Advanced Tab make sure that all the Gmail folders you want to back up have a right check in the Download column.
  6. Let go of all dialog boxes with an OK submission.

Gmail Backup with Outlook 2011

  • Look out for Preferences, click Accounts, and select your Gmail account in the list from the left.
  • Tick server in Advance Tab. check Always Download Complete Message Bodies is marked Check and uncheck in Inbox only.
  • With Ok close the preferences window.

With the help of these methods you have created backup Gmail on Mac to an IMAP client. It creates two copies of your message i.e one on your mac and other on Gmail server. Now, if you accidentally delete any file from one place means then IMAP keeps your email program and Gmail in sync. Then, the file deleted at one place will make it disappear from the other too.
To avoid such a scenario always use the Gmail Backup tool Mac.

Method 2 Alternate method to help Mac users with Gmail Email Download

With the use of Gmail Backup Tool for Mac, you can easily copy all Gmail messages for mac users. Instantly download all your messages to many other file formats. Easily works on all major versions of Mac OS. Simply extract all files on your hard drive or your local machine with Gmail Backup tool on Mac today.


This blog is meant to help all Mac users, to easily build Gmail backup for Mac. User can easily convert Gmail email to PDF and other file formats. Hope, you will find the given methods useful in making backup of Gmail for Mac systems.


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