How to Repair and Recover Damaged NTFS Partition in Windows

NTFS is a file system which was introduced by Microsoft in Windows NT 3.1. This file system has some advantages over FAT and HPFS files system. Although it is the advanced version of the file system, still the NTFS file system gets corrupted. I’ll discuss how you can recover damaged NTFS partition manually and by using a professional tool.

Before telling you the solution, you must know the reasons for corruption so that you can avoid them in the future. There are a few causes of NTFS file corruption.

Some Reasons for NTFS Corruption

  • Hard formatting of the drive can result in data loss and then leads to NTFS file corruption.
  • Malfunctioning in the system also damages the hard drives.
  • Data inaccessibility is one of the main cause of damaging NTFS Files.
  • Formatting and Re-formatting again and again of the Partition data.
  • Any corruption in Master Boot Record also makes the NTFS files inaccessible.
  • External Virus intrusion or malware attack.

Whatever may be the reason for corruption but I am here to tell you the techniques through which you can easily fix the NTFS Partition corruption issues.

There are some situations when the NTFS file system becomes unreadable and you might lose all your crucial data. So I’ll discuss two methods to repair a corrupt NTFS file system. The first method is a manual method which you can use for free and the second one is a professional tool for which you have to spend some bucks.

Two Methods to Recover Damaged NTFS Partition Data

There are mainly two options to repair the whole file system. If you are a technical master then go with the first one, otherwise, try the professional recovery tool.

Use CHKDSK Utility

The CHKDSK utility checks the physical and logical errors of the NTFS File system. Parameters like /f, /r, /x, or /b are used for fixing the volume errors. If the parameters are not used then this method will only display the status of the volume.

To run the CHKDSK command only the administrators and members of the administrative groups are authorized to do so.

While running the CHKDSK command, never interrupt it in between otherwise you might lose all your precious data. This can also lead to severe corruption in the volume. But if you suspend the CHKDSK command then it will not affect your data.

The Syntax you should use to Recover Data from NTFS Files system in windows is:-

chkdsk [<Volume>[[<Path>]<FileName>]] [/f] [/v] [/r] [/x] [/i] [/c] [/l[:<Size>]] [/b]

Once you run this command, it will repair the minor corruption of NTFS File. But what will you do if your NTFS File system is severely corrupted? Don’t worry because there are several other ways too.

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NTFS Recovery Software

The only option you are left with is to try a third party NTFS Recovery tool in order to recover damaged NTFS partition data. This recovery tool has a RAW Recovery mode which recovers the maximum possible data from a severely corrupted NTFS File.

How to Use NTFS Recovery Tool?

  • Download the NTFS Recovery Software into your PC and then Launch it.
Download NTFS Repair Tool
  • Select the Drive from where you want to recover data and then Click on Next to Continue.
  • You’ll see three modes of scanning. Choose anyone mode according to the severity of corruption and then click on Next to continue.
  • Once the scanning process completes all the data will be displayed in a Tree-Structured format in front of you. Click on Save button to continue further.
  • Choose the location where you want to save the recovered file.

Once the whole process completes you can view the data on your saved location. Even it supports both MBR and GPT partition table. If the NTFS file system is severely corrupted then I would recommend you to try the deep recovery mode.


Well, it is time to wind up things. I have told you the various methods to recover damaged NTFS partition table by using a manual and a professional method. Now it is up to you to make your choice. If you are a novice technical user then I would recommend you to use a tool instead of the manual method, because any kind of negligence can lead to loss of the crucial data. So that’s all from my side and I hope you liked this article.

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